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Health Body parts

Male and Female diaphragm

Female #1 Fallopian tube
Female #2 Uterus
Female #3 Ovary
Female #4 Cervix
Female #5 Vagina
Male #1 Bladder
Male #2 Penis
Male #3 Vas deferens
Male #4 Scrotum
Male #5 Urethra
Male #6 Testis
Hormones chemicals made by the body
The Endocrine System glands that regulate growth and other important activities
Adolescence the period between childhood and adulthood
Puberty the time when you start developing the physical characteristics of adults of your gender.
The pituitary gland produces several hormones that control other glands and organs. It also regulates the bodies growth and development.
The thyroid gland produces a hormone that regulates the speed at which your body turns food into energy. It also helps regulate growth.
The adrenal gland helps to maintain a balance of salt and water in the body
The Pancreas is the place where sugar gets turned into energy.
Ovaries female
Testes male
Female physical changes Acne Increased hormones More sweating Underarm hair Development of breasts Increase in body fat Wider hips Formation of mature eggs Pubic hair period
Male physical changes Increased hormones Acne Deeper Voice Broadened shoulders More sweat Facial hair Underarm hair Muscle development Production of sperm cells Pubic hair Hardening of penis
Created by: rmcmullen0606