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LPT First Aid

First Aid

Applying direct pressure to a wound is the best way to stop bleeding T/F True
Stuffy nose, sneezing, itching around the eyes or skin and a raised red reas could all be symptoms of mild allergic reactions T/F True
Seizures only occur with individuals who have epilepsy T/F False
When providing first aid for someone with a nosebleed, lean the persons head back and appy ice to the bridge of the nose False
Butter is the best thing to use for minor burns. T/F False
What is the first thing you do when you decide to offer first aid to someone? check the scene to make sure it is safe
Mary has broken her forearm and part of the bone is sticking though the skin. What do you do? Cover the open wound with a dressing, then splint the arm
You are working on a dorm and another staff member yells that a person who lives there is unresponsive and not breathing and they want you to call for help. The first thing you do is. Dial the emergency response number 911 and stay on the line until you are released by dispatch
You are applying direct pressure with a dressing to a leg wound. The blood is soaking through the dressing. You should apply another dressing over the one that is already there and continue to apply pressure.
You walk outside and see Mike lying on the ground, his leg bent at an odd angle, bleeding profusely from a wound in his chest. He is not moving and does not response when you call his name. What is the first thing you do? call 911
you have found an unresponsive person laying in the sun. You have determined the scene is safe, checked for responsiveness, asked your friend to call 911. You observe the chest rising and falling so you know they are breathing. You next action should be. Look for obvious signs of injury and then check for medical information jewelry.
If someone you are working with complains of dizzyness you should first have them lie safely on the floor
Signs of low blood sugar can include: behavior changes, sweating, hunger and thirst
An older woman seems to be unable to move one side of her body. The pupil of one eye is larger that the other. You think she may have experienced a stroke, call 911
A victim with a nosebleed should be positioned: sitting up leaning slightly forward
A victim in an auto accident is able to walk and says she is fine. She starts acting restless and confused and her skin is clammy to the touch. She may be bleeding internally and going into shock
A victim has obviously been burned by electrical wires. In assessing the situation, which would be the most important consideration before giving treatment? Approach the victim only when the power source is off
What do you do first when a poisonous dry chemical is poured over the skin Quickly brush it off with your gloved hand or a towel
While preparing dinner, you co-worker sliced his finger off in the meat slicer. You should Stop the bleeding, bandage the wound and put the amputated finger in a bag of ice after you have wrapped it in gauze
Before splinting a misshapen limb you should ask permission to help and cover any open wounds with a clean dressing
You are on a picnic and an individual you care for is stung by a bee. You should Flick the stinger out with the edge of your platinum American Express card
You discover a tick in a persons head after after returning from a picnic, you should grab the tick close to the skin with tweezers. pull up gently until the skin tents and hope it releases and comes out
You and a coworker find a person on the lawn crew laying near the garden where he was pulling weeds. It is 104 degrees outside. He is confused and unable to drink fluids. You should: call 911 then move him to a shady area and cool off using cool water on skin
While preparing cleaning solution to wash beds you splashed some concentrated solution in your eye. While rinsing your eye you should: blink frequently while running water over your eye for 20 minutes
You suspect shock in a person when they are pale, act restless, agitated, or confused and are cold and clammy to the touch. After calling 911 you should Help the person lie on her back and cover the person in shock to keep her warm
If an arm or leg has severe bleeding and you can't stop the bleeding with pressure, you can apply a tourniquet. You have called 911, so what are some considerations for applying a tourniquet: Place the tourniquet 2 inches above the injury, tighten until the bleeding stops, note what time you put it on, do not take off.
If a person has a bloody nose when should you become concerned? You can't stop the bleeding in about 15 minutes, the bleeding is heavy and gushing, the person has trouble breathing.
While playing basketball, a person is hit in the mouth with an elbow and has knocked out his front tooth. What do you do with the person and the tooth. Apply pressure with gauze to stop bleeding at the empty tooth socket, put the tooth in a cup of milk or clean water, then take the person and tooth to a dentist or emergency department
What is the reason you cover a person with a dry blanket who has been burned badly in a fire To keep the person warm because once the skin has burned the person can no longer control body temperature
You are on an outing with a group on the Monument. A client says he was just bit by a snake. You should first Move any other people inside or away from the area and phone emergency response number
Other considerations for snake bite: avoid moving the part of the body that was bitten, remove any tight clothing, gently wash the bite area with running water (and soap if available)
Treatment for heat exhaustion: call 911, have person lie down in cool place, remove as much of person's clothing as possible, cool the person with cool water spray or damp cloth are neck, armpit and groin, drink juice, sports drink or water
Symptoms of heat exhaustion sweating, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, muscle cramps, feeling faint and muscle fatigue
Symtoms of heat stroke: confusion, passing out, dizziness, and seizures
Which is worse: heat exhaustion or heat stroke Heat stroke, a medical emergency
Treatment for heat stroke Call 911. cooling the person immediately with cool water. If the person can drink, give something to drink
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