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Health Vocabulary

Health Vocab

Drug A substance other than food that changes the structure or function of body or mood
Stimulant Drugs that speed up the body's functions
Narcotics Drugs that get rid of pain and dull the senses
Medicine A drug that cures an illness or relieves the symptoms
Drug-Free-Zone 1,000 yards around a school where anyone caught with drugs will be arrested
Hallucinogens Drugs that distort moods, thoughts, and senses
Prescription Medicine A Medicine that can only be legally obtained with a doctors written permission
Inhalents The vapors of chemicals that are sniffed or inhaled to get "high"
Over-the-counter Medicine Medicinces found on the counter of local pharmacies or grocery stores
Legal Allowed by law
Alternitive Another way of thinking or acting
Depressants Drugs that slow the body's functions and reactions, including heart and breathing rates
Steriods Human hormones, or similar to the hormones found in the body,used to make muscles grow bigger faster
Amphetamines Strong stimulants that speed up the body's nervous system
Overdose Taking too much of a drug that your body can't handle
Clubdrugs Illegal drugs that are used in night clubs and raves
Probation a designated period of time where you have to meet with an officer or in court
Drug Possession when you have illegal or dangerous drugs
Drug Misuse when you use a drug the wrong way
Drug Abuse when you intentionally use an illegal drug
Created by: isa.ratliff19