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Health Vocabulary


Promote To present to a buyer for acceptance
Alcohol A drug created by a chemical reactions in some foods and grains
Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) The amount of alcohol in the blood
Cirrhosis The scarring and destruction of the liver
Alcohol Abuse Using alcohol in a way that is unhealthy, illegal, or both
Alcoholism A disease in which a person has a physical and psychological need for alcohol
Binge Drinking The consumption of several alcoholic drinks in a short period of time
Refusal Skills Strategies that help you say NO efficently
Withdrawl Series of painful physical and metal symptoms associated with recovery from an addictive substance
Consumer A person who buys products and services
Advertisment A message designed to influence consumers to buy a product or service
Fraud A calculated effort to trick or fool others
Comparison Shopping Collecting information, comparing products to determine the best value
Generic Products Products sold in plain packages at lower prices than brand name products
Warranty A store's written agreement to repair or replace a product that does not function properly
Primary Care Provider A health care provider who provides checkups and general care
Specialist A health care professional trained to treat a specific health problem
Health Insurance A plan in which a person pays a set fee to an insurance company, which pays for medical expenses when needed
Ulcer Open sore in the stomach lining
Professional A person who trains for and practice a particular career
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