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DV L-7 Read Assign

adnexopexy the operation of fixing the uterine adnexa to the abdominal walls
adnexitis inflammation of the uterine adnexa
antrum a sinus; a cavity or chamber, especially within the bone
antral pertaining to a sinus or an antrum
antrostomy the operation of making an opening into an antrum for the purpose of drainage
antrodynia pain in an antrum
adenasthenia a weakness in glandular secretion; deficient glandular activity
gastric adenasthenia deficient glandular secretion in the stomach
asthenia lack or loss of strength and energy; weakness
asthenic pertaining to or characterized by asthenia
astrocyte a star-shaped cell, especially such a cell of the supporting structure of nervous tissue
astroid star-shaped
astrocytoma a tumor composed of star-shaped cells
hypocrinia deficient secretion of any endocrine gland
hypercrinia excessive secretion of any endocrine gland
crinogenic stimulating secretion
dacryoadenitis inflammation of a lacrimal gland
dacryocystectomy excision of the wall of the lacrimal sac
dura mater the outermost of the three membranes covering the brain and the spinal cord
induration hardness
fasciculus a small bundle or cluster; used to designate a small bundle of nerve or muscle fibers
fasciodesis the operation of suturing a fascia to one of the tissues attached to the skeleton
fasciorrhaphy the suturing together of torn fascia
heliosensitivity sensitivity to sunlight
heliosis sunstroke
heliotherapy the treatment of disease by exposing the body to the sun's rays
hypnotic inducing sleep
hypnotism the method or practice of an artificially induced passive state in which there is increased responsiveness to suggestions and commands
ahypnia not sleep
isocellular composed of cells of the same size and kind
isopia equality of vision in the two eyes
anisodont having teeth of unequal size or length
anisopia inequality of vision in the two eyes
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