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Healthy Living

Used for 7th grade science at Holy Name.

6 categories of nutrients Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water
Addiction physical or psychological dependence on a drug
Drug any substance that causes a change in person's physical or psychological state
2 causes of malnutrition Bulimia nervosa & anorexia nervosa
Number of groups on MyPyramid Six
Central Nervous System (CNS) command center of the body (includes brain)
How to keep teeth healthy Brush at least twice a day
Food group you should eat most on MyPyramid Bread group
Name a healthy way to deal with stress talk to a friend, exercise, etc...
Tobacco increases the risk of: lung cancer
Withdrawl symptoms: may be painful
Smoking IS or IS NOT safe? is not safe
Did Mr. McDermott make it to Boston? Yes, at 1:15 AM this morning.
Are all narcotics illegal? No
Are prescription drugs illegal? Yes and no. Illegal when they are used for inappropriate people or sold to others illegally.
Safety equipment for riding a bike: Helmet
Safety equipment for riding in a car: Seat belt
Other dangers of tobacco or alcohol use: Lung cancer, addiction, stress, violence...
Should you accept open drinks from strangers? No
Created by: jamred86