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DV L-6 Read Assign

acoustic pertaining to hearing
acoustogram the graphic tracing of the measures of sound such as decibel levels and frequency per second
hemianacusia loss of hearing in one ear only
anacusis condition of not hearing; total deafness
auricle the projecting part of the ear lying outside the head
auricul- form denoting relationship to the ear or to an ear-shaped appendage of a chamber of the heart
auriculocranial pertaining to an ear and the cranium
auris the ear
buccal pertaining to the cheek; directed toward the cheek
buccally toward the cheek
buccocervical that surface of a tooth along its neckline on the cheek side
suprabuccal above the cheek region
ciliary pertaining to the eyelashes; resembling the eyelashes
cilium the eyelashes
supracilia the eyebrows; above the eyelashes
ciliogenesis the formation or development of cilia
pyocolpos collection of pus within a vagina
hematocolpos an accumulation of menstrual blood in the vagina
colpitis inflammation of the vagina
cordate heart-shaped
cordial stimulating the heart
dendrite name for the nerve fibers that extend from a nerve cell
dendritic resembling a dendrite; branching like a tree
dendroid branching like a tree
encephalic pertaining to the brain
encephalon name for the brain
endocardium the tissue lining the heart
endosteum the tissue lining the cavity of a bone and surrounding the bone marrow
histocyte a tissue cell
histoma a tumor formed from fully developed tissue such as blood vessels, muscles, etc.
leiomyoma a tumor composed of smooth muscle fibers
leiodermia abnormal glossiness or smoothness of the skin
orchic pertaining to the testicles
-orchidism a specified form or condition of the testes
orchitis inflammation of a testicle
orchidopexy the surgical fixing in place of a displaced testicle
palpebral pertaining to an eyelid
palpebra the eyelid
palpebrate to wink
palpebration abnormally frequently winking
phlebectasis an enlargement of a vein
phlebolith a bloodclot, in a vein, which has turned chalky
phlebostenosis narrowing or constriction of a vein
phlebophlebostomy surgical openings to provide communication between two veins
phonopathy any disease or disorder of the organs of speech
phonomyogram a record of the sound produced by muscle action
phonogram a record of any sound
phonocardiogram a record of heart sounds
physiology the study of the functions of the body and its parts
physiatrics the diagnosis and treatment of disease with the aid of physical agents such as light, heat, cold, water, and electricity, or with mechanical apparatus
physician an authorized practitioner of medicine
attending physician a physician who attends a hospital at stated times to visit the patients and give direction as to their treatment
pilus a hair
pilosis excessive growth of hair
pilocystic cystlike and containing hair; used to describe certain skin tumors
depilation the process of removing hair
hyperplasia abnormal increase in growth; usually applied to abnormal
hypoplasia incomplete or defective development
mastoplasia the development of breast tissue
plexal pertaining to a plexus
plexiform resembling a plexus or network
subplexal situated beneath a plexus or network of vessels, nerves or veins
renal pertaining to the kidney
supraren- situated above the kidney, especially with reference to the suprarenal gland
nephrectomy surgical removal of a kidney
ruga a ridge, wrinkle or fold, as of mucous membrane
rugose characterized by wrinkles
rugosity the condition of being wrinkled
salpingostomy the making (by surgery) of an opening into the fallopian (uterine) tube because the natural opening has become closed
endosalpinx the mucous membrane lining the salpinx
stomatology the branch of medicine that treats the mouth and its diseases
stomatoplasty plastic surgery of, operative repair of, defects of the mouth
stomatogastric pertaining to the stomach and the mouth
stomatalgia mouth pain
thalamus name for the large gray mass in the brain
thalamic pertaining to the thalamus
tympanum name for the enclosure or chamber in which the eardrum is located
tympanic membrane name for the eardrum
tympanal pertaining to the tympanum
tympanic pertaining to the tympanum
umbilicus name for the navel
umbilical pertaining to the umbilicus or navel
umbilicectomy excision of the umbilicus
parumbilical near the navel
Created by: tina.reynolds