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DV L-5 Read Assign

antigen a substance that, when introduced into the body, stimulates the "production of" an "opposing" substance called an anti/body
antibody a physical substance either in the body or produced by the action of an antigen which will prevent, relieve, or destroy the effect of infections or poisonous substances in the blood or tissues
antacid substance that counteracts or neutralizes acidity
antiemetic preventing or relieving nausea and vomiting
biliary pertaining to the bile or pertaining collectively to the bile, bile ducts, and gallbladder
biliary canal a tube(duct) through which the bile passes from the liver; hepatic duct; biliary duct
biliary tract the region that secretes and transmits bile; the bile duct and gallbladder
biliousness a discomfort characterized by constipation, headache, and indigestion, attributed to an excess production of bile
cecoptosis falling (downward displacement)
cecitis inflammation
cecorrhexis rupturing; the cecorrhexis may have produced a hernia
cecal pertaining to the cecum
arthrocentesis surgical puncture of a joint
cardicentesis surgical puncture or incision of the heart
pericardicentesis surgical puncture of the tissues surrounding the heart
lacrimal pertaining to tears; relating to or situated near the organs that produce tears
lacrimal glands that glands that secrete tears
lacrimal ducts a term for ducts conveying the secretion of the lacrimal glands to the corner of the eye
lacrimotomy incision of the lacrimal duct
lacteal pertaining to milk
lactation the secretion of milk; suckling by infants
lactogenic stimulating the production of milk
lactigenous producing or secreting milk
macula a spot or blotch
macule a macula
maculation the condition of being spotted; the formation of spots or macules
meningeal pertaining to the meninges
meninges name for the membranous sheath that envelops the brain and spinal cord
meningoencephal form for the meninges and the brain or the meninges and brainy substances
meningitis inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord
mycete a fungus
dermatomycosis a fungus infection of the skin that includes the conditions commonly called "athlete's foot" and "ring worm"
acromycosis a condition of fungus infection of the extremities
mycetoma a tumor containing fungus cells
myeloencephalitis inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
osteomyelitis inflammation of the bone and the bone marrow
encephalomyelopathy any disease or diseased condition of the brain and spinal cord
osteomyel- form for bone marrow or the bone and its marrow
arthroncus swelling of a joint
blepharoncus tumor on the eyelid
glossoncus a swelling of the tongue
mastoncus a tumor of the breast or mammary gland
onychectomy surgical removal of the nail or nail bed
onychogenic forming or producing nail substance
onychia inflammation of the nail bed resulting in loss of the nail
eponychium the cuticle; the narrow band of skin that extends from the nail wall into the nail surface
orad toward the mouth
circumoral the area around the mouth
parotid situated near the ear such as the parotid gland, a salivary gland located near the ear
epiotic situated on or above the ear
entotic situated in or arising in the ear
ovary name for the sexual gland in the female in which the ova are formed
ovariogenic produced in or arising in the ovary
ovariocentesis surgical puncture of an ovary
ova eggs
nephropexy surgical fixation of the kidney
gastropexy surgical fixation of the stomach
hysteropexy surgical fixation of the womb
pyloric pertaining to the plyorus
pylic pertaining to the portal vein
gastropyloric pertaining to the stomach and the pylorus
gastropylorectomy excision of the pyloric portion of the stomach
sphenoid resembling a wedge; in the shape of a wedge
sphenoid bone an irregular wedge-shaped bone at the base of the cranium
sphenocephaly a developmental abnormality characterized by a wedge-shaped appearance of the head
spiroid resembling a spiral or coil
spiradeno- a form used interchangeably with hidrandeno- to denote a sweat gland
squama a scale or platelike structure
squamous scaly or platelike
squamate scaly; having or resembling scales
subdermal situated or occurring under the skin
submania mania of a moderate type
subinflammation a slight or mild inflammation
subnormal below or less than normal
thorax medical name for the chest
hemothorax a collection of blood in the lung cavity
suprathoracic situated above the thorax
thoracicoabdominal pertaining to the chest and the abdomen
vesica general term for a bladder
vesicula general term used in anatomical nomenclature for a vesicle
vesicle medical name for a small bladder, sac or blister containing fluid
vesico- form relating to a bladder or the urinary bladder
visceral pertaining to an internal organ, especially those in the abdomen
viscera name for the internal organs taken collectively, especially those in the abdomen
viscerad toward the viscera
visceroptosis a dropping or falling down of the viscera due to the weakness of the abdominal muscles
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