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DV L-4 Read Assign

benign psychosis mild vs. severe
benign malaria not threatening life or health
bradycardia abnormal slowness of the heartbeat
myobradia a slow, sluggish reaction of muscle to electrical stimulation
bradyglossia abnormal slowness of utterance
bradylogia abnormal slowness of speech due to slowness of thinking as in a mental disorder
canthal pertaining to a corner of the eye
canthus name of the corner of the eye
caudal pertaining to the tail or a tail-like appendage (the rear end)
cauda name for a tail-like appendage
caudalward towards the caudal, tail or rear end
caudal anesthesia loss of sensation produced by an injection of an anesthetic into the lower (caudal) portion of the spinal cord
myocele a muscle hernia; a muscle protrusion
cystocele protrusion of the bladder through the vaginal wall
cepalocele protrusion of part of the cranial contents
hydrocele collection of fluid in a swelling; esp. in male genital parts
celiac pertaining to the abdomen
celiorrhaphy suture of the abdominal wall
celitis any inflammation of the abdomen
celiotomy surgical incision into the abdominal cavity
cheilocarcinoma cancer of the lip
cheilorrhaphy suturing of the lip
cheiloplasty surgical repair of the lips
cheilosis a condition of the lips characterized by chapping and fissuring
cytogenesis the production and development of cells
myocyte a cell of the muscular tissue
-cytic pertaining to the cells
hemocyte or hemacyte a blood cell; blood cells are of two kinds leukocyte- white & erythrocyte red
angiectasis beyond normal stretching of a blood vessel
nephrectasis stretching (distention) if the kidney
emesis the act of vomiting
emetic that which causes vomiting such as a drug
emeticology the study of, or that which causes vomiting
hematemesis the vomiting of blood
erythra an eruption (breaking out) of the skin marked by redness of the skin and/or swelling
erythralgia a condition marked by pain and redness of the skin
erythocytopenia deficiency of the number of red blood cells; frequently shortened to erythropenia
erythrocythemia a condition of increase of the number of red blood cells; also erythrocytosis
anesthesia the condition of lack of feeling
anesthesiology the branch of medical science dealing with the bringing about the loss of sensation, principally as an adjunct to pain-causing therapeutic procedures such as surgery
optesthesia the ability to see; the ability to perceive visual stimuli
-esthesia the condition of felling; a "feeling of"; awareness of feeling
lithiasis a condition characterized by the formation of stones
elephantiasis a condition characterized by enlargement of the parts affected and thickening and discoloration of the skin covering these parts
leukocyte a white (colorless) blood cell
leukocyt- combining form meaning white blood cell
leukocytosis a condition of increased leukocytes in the blood
leukocytoma a tumorlike mass of leukocytes
lingual pertaining to the tongue
lingula a small tongue; generally a part of the body which is shaped like and projects like a tongue
lingually toward the tongue
retrolingual behind the tongue
lobe name for a well-defined portion of an organ; organs having such parts are the brain, the lungs, the liver, the glands, the ears
lobule a small lobe
lobectomy excision of a lobe, as of the thyroid, liver, brain, or lung
lobar of or pertaining to a lobe or section
melanin a black or dark brown pigment in the skin and hair
melanocyte the cell responsible for the production of black pigment
melanosis a condition characterized by abnormal deposits of black pigment
cardiomelanosis deposits of black pigment in the heart; melanosis of the heart
myringa the eardrum, name of the eardrum
myringoscopy inspection of the eardrum using a myringoscope
myringoplasty surgical repair of defects of the eardrum
odontic, odontal pertaining to a tooth / pertaining to the teeth
-odontia form, condition or mode of treatment of the teeth
odontogenic originating in the teeth
endodontics the branch of dentistry dealing with the inside of the tooth including the cause, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the inner structure of a tooth, principally the pulp which fills the inside of the root canals
semenology the study of semen
seminal pertaining to the semen
semination production or dispersal of semen; seed
spondylic, spondylous pertaining to a vertebra; pertaining to the spinal column
stenocephalous having a narrow head
stenocephilia excessive narrowness of the head
stenostomia narrowing the mouth
angiostenosis narrowing of the diameter of a vessel
enterostenosis narrowing of the intestine
transfusion the introduction of blood from another source; a "pouring across" of blood
transplant a piece of tissue from grafting taken from another part of the patient's body or from a donor; a "planting across"
transnormal beyond normal; more than normal
vascular pertaining to a vessel; full of vessels
vasculum a small vessel
cerebrovascular pertaining to the blood vessels of the cerebrum or brain
vasectomy surgical excision of all or part of the duct in the male through which the sperm is secreted
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