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DV L3 Reading Assign

acral pertaining to extremities or tip
acrocyanosis blueness of the extremities
acrodermatitis inflammation of the skin of the hands and feet
autohemotherapy treatment by injection of the patient's own blood
autolysis disintegration of tissue due to causes within the patient's own body
autocystoplasty a plastic operation on the bladder with grafts from the patient's own body
brusopathy any disease of a bursa
bursa closed sacs that contain fluid and lie between surfaces that glide over each other
bursotomy surgical incision of a bursa
adenocarcinoma a carcinous tumor composed of glandlike cells
carcinoma harmful and life-threatening (malignant) growth
carcinous pertaining to cancer
encephalic pertaining to the brain
cephalic pertaining to the head
cephalad toward the head end of the body
costal pertaining to a rib
costicervical pertaining to or connecting the ribs and neck
chondrocostal of or pertaining to the ribs and rib cartilage
debtal pertaining to the teeth
dentiform formed or shaped like a tooth
denture an entire set of natural or artificial teeth
arthrodesis surgical fusion of a joint
glossodynia pain in the tongue
odynolysis relief of pain
acrodynia pain in the extremities
epicyst the structure above the bladder
epigastrium upper middle region of the abdomen
epithelium the covering of internal and external surfaces of the body
genital pertaining to reproduction
genitoplasty surgical repair on the genital organs
glossal pertaining to the tongue
glossodynia pain in the tongue
hypoglossal underneath the tongue
cardiogram a record to show heart beats
hydric pertaining to water
hidrocystoma a cyst of the sweat gland consisting of retained sweat
hidrosis any skin disease affecting the sweat glands
manic pertaining to manic
megalomania largeness obsession
mastitis inflammation of the breast
mastectomy surgical removal of a breast or a part
hematopenia deficiency of blood in the body
erythropenia deficiency in the number of red blood cells
leukopenia reduction in the numbers of white blood cells
blepharoptosis dropping of the upper eyelid
hepatoptosis condition where the liver is displaced
retraction the act of drawing back
retrocardiac behind the heart
nephrorrhaphy the sewing in position of a displaced kidney
myorrhaphy suture or suturing of the rectum
cardiorrhexis rupture of the heart
onychorrhexis splitting and brittleness of the fingernail or toenail
streptococcus name of an infectious microorganism
supracerebral over or on a surface of the cerebrum
tripsis rubbing or massaging
hepaticolithotripsy operation of crushing a stone in a liver
lithotripsy crushing of a calculus(stone) within the bladder
trophic pertaining to nutrition, development, growth
trophopathy any disease due to nutrition
hypertrophy over development
Created by: tina.reynolds