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LPT NS GI System

Nursing Skills

Normally, stool should be: brown and soft
A good way for a technician to promote normal elimination for residents is to: encourage fluid intake and nutritious meals
How should a standard bedpan be positioned? wider end should be aligned with the resident's buttocks
Portable commodes are used when: a resident can get out of bed but has difficulty walking to the bathroom or positioned over the toilet to provide postional support.
Signs of constipation include: irritability
The best position for bowel elimination is sitting with back straght and feet flat on the floor
During an enema, the resident should be in the ____postion? Sim's left side lying
A stool sample that is to be tested for ____must be delivered to the lab immediately ova and parasites
Hidden, or _____, blood is found inside stools with a microscope or a special chemical test. occult
This tests for blood in the stool hemocult
After you obtain any kind of specimen you should also: document you obtained the specimen and anything unusual about the specimen. You may also report to the nurse
An ostomy somewhere along the length of the colon. colonostomy
The consistency of stool from an ileostomy liquid
means mouth or opening ostomy
The opening on the outside of the body stoma
Is absorbed through the large intestine making stool formed more solid water
Are absorbed to be used by the body from the small intestine nutrients
What is the length of time for a laxative suppository to melt about 5 minutes
Enemas are commonly given to relieve constipation
If you have adminstered an enema and there are no results you should contact RN
The maximum number of inches to insert enema rectal tubing is four inches
If the tomach is distended or ____, you should stop administration of an enema and call a nurse. rigid
The correct location for a rectal suppository is: against the rectal wall
The maximum height you can hold an enema bag for an adult is: 12 inches
About how much warm tap water do you use for an SSE 500-1000cc or about 1 quart
If the person complains of cramping during the administration of an SSE you would: lower the enema bag or clamp the tubing
A commercial disposable enema is generallyh effective in ___minutes 2-5 minutes
In addition to laxative suppositories other commonly used suppositories are: hemmorrhoid (Anusol) and acetaminophen (Tylenol)
If a person can follow directions you would ask the to ______, the is help relax the anal sphincter when administering enemas or suppositories slow deep breaths through the mouth
When giving a TWE or SSE the temperature of the water should be not more than105 degrees F
What is the length of time for a suppository to take effect? 15 minutes to a couple of hours
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