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DV L-2 Read Assign

myalgia pain in a muscle; muscle pain
cardialgia pain in the heart
cerbralgia/ cephalalgia headache
gastralgia stomach pain, stomach ache, belly ache
algesia sensitiveness to pain
algospasm painful involuntary contraction; painful cramp
cervical pertaining to the cervix, neck or neckline structure
cervicofacial pertaining to the neck and face
cervicitis inflammation of the neck of the uterus
choleic pertaining to or derived from the bile
cholecystalgia pain in the gallbladder
cholecystenteric pertaining to the gallbladder and intestines
chondral pertaining to the cartilage
chondropathology the study of diseases of the cartilage
chondroma tumor composed of cartilage
craniectomy excision or surgical removal of a part of the skull
craniopuncture puncture of the skull to search for cranial disease
cyanic pertaining to the color blue
cyanoderma bluish discoloration of the skin
sac small bag like structure
bladder sac composed of membranes, serving as a receptacle for secretions including urine and bile or gall (gallbladder). "bladder" alone will refer only to the urinary bladder in medical docuemntation
cyst abnormal sac containing fluid or pus
endocystitis inflammation of the membrane lining the urinary bladder
cholecystalgia pain in the gallbladder
endangium inner lining of the blood vessel
endocardium the inner lining membrane of the heart
endocardial situated or occurring within the heart; pertaining to the endocardium
hematic pertaining to blood
hematoma a tumor containing blood
hemangioma tumor made up of blood vessels
hematology the study of blood
cyanemia bluish condition of the blood
hyperemia an excess amount of blood in a body part
hemialgia pain affecting one side of the body only
hemispasm excision of one half of the stomach
hemicrania pain or aching on one side of the head
hypertension more than normal blood pressure; high blood pressure
hypohepatia deficient functioning of the liver
hypogastrium the region of the lowest part of the abdomen
hysterectomy surgical removal of the uterus
hyterocervicotomy incision of the neck of the uterus and the lower part of the uterus to relieve difficult labor
hypodermic underneath the skin; when a needle is inserted below the skin
hysterology study of the uterus
hysteralgia pain in the uterus
lipoid resembling fat
lipocardiac a fatty heart
lipoarthritis inflammation of the fatty tissue of a joint
myolipoma a tumor made up of muscle and fat elements
lithic pertaining to a stone or stones
lithiasis the abnormal formation of stony material
litholysis the dissolving of stones in the bladder
hemolysis breaking down and dissolving of red blood cells
autolysis destruction of body tissues or cells die to internal causes
myoma tumor made up of muscular elements
omat tumor
mymatectomy surgical removal of a muscle tumor
fibroid tumor containing fiberlike structures
dermoid tumor containing skinlike elements
ophthalmic pertaining to the eyes
ophthalmolith stonelike substance in the eye
optic/ optical pertaining to the eye; pertaining to vision or sight
ostalgia pain in the bone(s)
osteoma tumor composed of bone tissue
osteoarthropathy any disease of the bones and joints
ossicle a small bone, particularly of the ear
paraosteal pertaining to the side of the bone
paralysis loss of movement in part of the body
proctology branch of medicine dealing with the anus, the anal canal and the rectum
proctoplasty the plastic surgery of the anus, anus canal, or rectum
psyche the mind
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