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DV L-1 Read Assign

Practice with Full Words to determine the meaning

adenopathy any disease of a gland
adenectomy surgical removal of all or part of a gland
adenosis any condition of a gland
adenoma a tumor with a glandlike structure; grandular tumor
angiitis inflammation of a vessel-usually a blood vessel
angiectomy surgical removal of a vessel
angiomegaly enlargement of a vessel
angiopathy any disease of a vessel
angiomalacia softening of a vessel
arthral pertaining to a joint
arthrotomy cutting into or incision of a joint
blepharal pertaining to the eyelid
blepharadenoma glandular tumor of the eyelid
carditis inflammation of the heart
cardiomalacia softening of the heart
cardioologist specialist in the study of the heart
cerebrum main part of the brain
cerebrospinal pertaining to the brain and the spinal cord
cerebrology the study of the brain
dermatoplasty plastic repair or surgery on the skin; example skin grafting
dermis/derma the skin
dermatiosis any condition or disease of the skin
dermabrasion scraping of the skin in order to repair acne scars, blemishes
dermatic/ dermal pertaining to the skin
gastrectomy surgical removal of the stomach
nephrectomy surgical removal of the kidney
enteral/ enteric pertaining to the intestines
enteraden any gland of the intestines
enteradenitits inflammation of the glands of the intestines
gastroenter the stomach and intestines
gastrointestinal system the digestive system; the combination of the stomach and intestines responsible for the digestion of food
gastric pertaining to the stomach
gastrectomy surgical removal of the whole or part of the stomach
gingival pertaining to the gums
gingiva gum of the mouth
gingivae gums of the mouth
gingivoplasty plastic repair or surgery of the gums of the mouth
hepatic pertaining to the liver
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
hepatonephritis inflammation of the liver and kidney
hepatomalicia softening of the liver
hepatonephromegaly enlargement of the liver and kidney
inflammation symptoms include; pain, discomfort, redness, heat, swelling
rhinitis inflammation of the nose
enterogastritis inflammation of the small intestines and stomach
angiomalacia abnormal softening of the walls of a blood vessel
nephromalacia abnormal softening of the kidney
megalogastria abnormal enlargement of the stomach
cerebromegaly enlargement of the brain; referring specifically to the cerebrum
nephroma tumor of the kidney
nephrosis any condition of a kidney
nephric pertaining to the kidneys
pathologist a specialist in the study of diseases
gastroenterologist specialist in the study of the stomach and intestines
dermatologist specialist in the study of the skin
nephrologist specialist in the study of the kidneys
pathology branch of medicine that deals with the nature of disease
gastroenterology field of medicine concerned with disorders of the digestive system.
cardiology field of medicine dealing with the heart, its functions and its disease
cerebroma abnormal mass of brain tissue
dermatoma abnormal growth of skin tissue
blepharadenoma tumor of the eyelid consisting of gland-like structures; a glandular tumor of the eyelid
oma tumor composed of--- tumor consisting of--- tumor arising from---
angiosis condition of a blood vessel
acidosis condition or disease of acid in the body
atrhrosis condition of a joint
arthrotomy surgical incision of a joint
gastrotomy surgical incision of the stomach
pathic pertaining to disease or feeling
pathosis condition of disease
dermopathy/dermatopathy any disease of the skin
rhinopathy disease of the nose
gastroplasty plastic repair of the stomach
blepharoplasty plastic repair of an eyelid
rhinal pertaining to the nose or nasal passage
rhinoplasty plastic repair of the nose; rebuilding, reconstruction of or forming the nose
angiospasm involuntary contraction of a vessel
blepharospasm involuntary contraction of the muscles in the eyelid
Created by: tina.reynolds