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Health Study Guide

Heart Known as the Circulatory system that pumps blood around your body.
Lungs Know as the respiratory system that helps us to breath in oxygen
Immune System Is responsible for fighting germs
Nutrition "Go, Slow, Whoa" food categories can help us make healthy choices about foods in our schools.
Anytime you are uncomfortable in any situation you need to say "no", get away from the situation, and tell a trusted adult Personal Safety
Doing Heart Healthy Exercises for 60 minutes can __________________ Keep your heart healthy
What is the muscle that helps us to breathe Diaphragm
The HIV virus is spread through Blood contact
Fresh fruits, vegetables and water are samples of "Go" foods
Avoiding fats and fried foods can keep your _______________ free from fatty deposits arteries
What is a drug that is found in cigarettes and is addicting? Nicotine
A ______________ is one that can be spread fro person to person. Communicable Disease
Samples of Communicable Diseases are Strep throat, pink eye, flu and stomach bug
"My plate" food choices help to remind us that half (1/2) of our plate should included fruits and vegetables.
Smoking and second had smoke is harmful to your _____________ lungs.
Created by: brianconniem