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Medical Seminar

YBI Med Seminar Review for Final

Which organization became the most famous medical school in the world in the 1800s? Johns Hopkins University
Which healthcare professional is trained to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician? Physician assistant
What is a method of prioritizing patients so that the most urgent cases receive care firt? Triage
True or False - Most medical assisting positions are in hospitals? False
What does respondeat superior mean? "Let the master answer"
What does the abbreviation CDC mean? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
What does the abbreviation WHO mean? World Health Organization
What does the abbreviation DHHS mean? Department of Health and Human Services
What is it called when Allied Health Professionals are trained in methods of collecting a blood specimen? Phlebotomy
What is a type of on-the-job training that allows student medical assistants to put their skills to use before graduation? Externship
True or False - When patients have a problem, they should be referred to the person who knows the most about that particular situation? True
What is disobedience to authority called? Insubordination
What is talk or a widely disseminated opinion with no discernible source, or a statement that is not known to be true called? Rumor
What is deciding which tasks are most important called? Prioritizing
What is it called when Allied Health Professionals are able to adapt to various situations? Flexible
Where is one of the most common physical places in which confidentiality is breached? Elevators
What means a sharp or ironic response intended to hurt someone? Choose between volative, sarcasm, or malediction. Sarcasm
What means easily aroused, tending to erupt in violence? Choose between volative, sarcasm, or malediction. Volative
What means to speak evil or curse? Choose between volative, sarcasm, or malediction. Malediction
How many hours of sleep does a human being generally need? Eight
What type of questions are likely to provide more information to an Allied Health Professional? Open-ended
What is the ethical duty that involves a devotion to the truth called? Choose between beneficence, public domain, or veracity. Veracity
What is the ethical duty that involves doing good or producing good called? Choose between beneficence, public domain, or veracity. Beneficence
What is information that is part of the public record? Choose between beneficence, public domain, or veracity. Public domain
True or False - Guidelines concerning confidentiality are some of the less important requirements of working in a physician's office. False
Which type of consent does a patient rolling up his sleeve for a blood draw illustrate? Choose between expressed, informed, or implied. Implied
What does the abbreviation FDA mean? Food and Drug Administration
What does the abbreviation DEA mean? Drug Enforcement Administation
What does the abbreviation HIPAA mean? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
What does the abbreviation OSHA mean? Occupational Safety and Health Administration
What is an offense to overthrow the government? Act of Treason
What is a minor crime called? Misdemeanor
What is to withdraw protection or support or to discontinue medical care without proper notice? Choose between nondelivery, failure, or abandonment. Abandonment
What is to agree to something after thoughtful consideration? Choose between assent, prudent, or diligence. Assent
What is something marked by wisdom or judiciousness said to be? Choose between assent, prudent, or diligence. Prudent
What is failure to perform a duty called? Choose between arbitration, certification, or dereliction. Dereliction
What is an alternative to trial in which a third party hears evidence and makes a decision? Choose between arbitration, certification, and diligence. Arbitration
True or False - The medical assistant may offer medical advice to a patient. False
True or False - Writing a phonetic spelling of a patient's name can help the medical assistant pronounce it correctly. True
True or False - The events in patients' lives do not influence their medical conditions. False
How should all patients leaving the medical facility be feeling? Like they were treated with respect
If the Allied Health Professional's desk is in open view of the patients, it should be free of what? Clutter
Who must answer questions regarding the patient's health? The physician
Where should visiting physicians ideally wait to see the doctor? In the doctor's office
When does a fiscal year begin? Whenever designated by the business
What is a difference among conflicting facts, claims, or opinions? Choose between circumvention, error, or discrepancy. Discrepancy
How often should the office policy and procedure manuals be updated? Annually
Who owns the physical medical record? The physician or practice
What is information in which the physician observes during the physical examination of the patient called? Objective
How would you properly index the name "Jill Freeman, M.D." for filing? Freeman, Jill M.D.
What is medical attention that continues smoothly from one provider to another so that the patient receives the most benefit? Continuity of care
HIPAA recommends that physicians keep the records on patients for at least how many years? HIPAA does not recommend a number of years
What is the target year for most Americans to have EHRs? 2014
What does the abbreviation PHI mean? Protected Health Information
How often should the EMR system be "backed-up"? Daily
Created by: dsljulian