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PE test

physical fitness

my resting heart rate 68
my exercise heart rate 198
my recovery heart rate 92
things that can increase your resting heart rate caffeine, nicotine, stress, illness, not recovered from a hard workout
something that can decrease resting heart rate Alcohol
what happens to a persons resting heart rate when they become more cardiovascularly fit? it goes down
what is an average resting heart rate 60-80 beats per minute
your heart is a muscle that will become __________ as you grow more cardiovascularly fit stronger
why isn't the thumb used to count pulse it has a pulse of its own
When is the best time to take your resting heart rate? when you first wake up
heart rate is the same thing as _____ pulse
what are the two most common places to take your pulse wrist and neck
what does FITT stand for? Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type
Frequency how often you exercise per week. you must workout at least 3 to 4 days per week.
Intensity how hard you workout. Your heart rate should be in your target heart rate zone for best cardiovascular results
Time how long you perform on your exercise session.
How longs should you workout in order to get cardiovascular benefits? 15 minutes in your target heart rate zone
Type the kind of exercise used to maintain or modify fitness
examples of cardiovascular exercise running, bicycling, jumping rope, soccer, basketball, skating, or swimming
Name the five components of physical fitness Cardiovascular Function, Body Composition, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Flexibility.
Cardiovascular Function deals with the condition of your heart and lungs
Body Composition percentage of body fat.
Average percentage of fat for women 23%
Average percentage of fat for men 15%
high levels of body fat can cause.... heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, and arthritis
exercises which can decrease body fat same as cardio exercises
method for evaluating % of body fat skin caliper test
Muscular Strength ability of a muscle to exert force
Muscular Endurance doing something over and over without tiring
Flexibility the range of motion of a specific joint or a group of joints *sit and reach test
benefits of flexibility prevents muscles from shortening, increases capacity of joint movement, reduces chance of injury, relieves muscle soreness
cardiovascular benefits less heart disease, less likely to die from heart attacks, develop extra coronary arteries in the heart, heart gets stringer, concentration and ability to cope with stress are improved.
benefits of exercise heart rate decreases, number of blood vessels increase, bone strength increases, muscular endurance increases, and muscular strength increases.
Created by: pragu :)