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Health I Final


not taking part in something such as drugs or sexual activity abstinence
multi-step strategy to identify and achieve your goals action plan
pay close attention to what someone is saying and communicating active listening
isolation from a group or activity alienation
strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility anger
the way you view situations attitude
how you act behavior
a group of friends that doesn't let anyone else join them clique
the way you speak and use body language to express a message communication
the solution to a problem conflict resolution
working together to do something cooperation
collective beliefs, customs, and behaviors (sense of identity) culture
risks that increase in effect with each added risk cumulative risks
6 steps of decision making skills 1) State the situation 2) List the options 3) Weigh possible outcomes 4) Consider values 5) Act 6) Evaluate the results
when a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant depression
able to control your feelings (can express anger without getting violent) emotional health
strong feelings emotions
the sum of your surroundings environment
3 types of environments places, people, culture
to be afraid of something fear
something you aim for, takes planning and work goal
aggressive pressure or intimidation harassment
connection of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health health triangle
all the traits that are biological heredity
telling the truth honesty
an intense but short-lived passion for someone/something infatuation
the way a person lives lifestyle
an intense feeling of deep affection love
intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it mediation
methods of communicating, plays a powerful role in shaping public opinion media
discussion aimed at reaching an agreement negotiation
a balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and mental health optimum health
influence from members of one's age group peer pressure
people that belong to the same age group or social group as you peers
body functions - exercise, food, avoid injury, medical checkups physical health
preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience prejudice
the general well-being of a person that is defined in terms of health and happiness, not wealth quality of life
a set of skills designed to help you avoid high risk behaviors refusal skills
a feeling of deep admiration for someone because of their abilities, qualities, or achievements respect
being accountable for your actions responsibility
something that increases the possibility of disease or injury risk factors
lifestyle with little or no physical activities sedentary lifestyle
our perception of our abilities and uniqueness self concept
confidence in your worth and ability self esteem
regard for your own well-being and happiness self love
talking silently or aloud to yourself for a positive effect, motivation self talk
able to interact with others - sharing, friends, communicating social health
spiritual direction in your life spiritual health
simplified image with special meaning known by most people stereotype
your body's way of responding to any kind of demand stress
the way your body handles stress, fight or flight stress response
something that makes you worried or anxious stressor
when a person takes their own life suicide
behaviors that show a person is thinking of committing suicide suicide warning signs
respecting people who are "different" than you tolerance
dependence on someone trust
one's judgment of what is important in life values
an overall state of well-being or total health wellness
habitual use of drugs to alter one's mood, emotions, or state of consciousness abuse
a dependence on a drug addiction
recovery program for the families and friends of alcoholics Al-Anon or Alateen
when the liver changes alcohol into water, carbon dioxide, and energy alcohol oxidation
addict who is dependent on alcohol alcoholism
amphetamines a stimulant
synthetic compounds that are closely related to the male sex hormone testosterone anabolic steroids
pain relievers, a type of medicine analgesics
percentage of alcohol in a person's bloodstream BAL
barbiturate a depressant
caffeine a stimulant
uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, can be caused by tobacco cancer
poisonous gas, replaces oxygen in blood, causes a smoker to be out of breath carbon monoxide
a substance capable of causing cancer carcinogen
can be caused by tobacco, an inflammatory disease of the lungs chronic bronchitis
toxic chemicals are released as the liver metabolizes alcohol, scarring of the liver cirrhosis
children of alcoholics COA
cocaine a stimulant
a narcotic, found in cough medicine codeine
a stimulant, the most addictive form of cocaine crack
to refuse to believe something that is true denial
using a drug to live, drug becomes the strongest relationship chemical dependence
drug used medically to relieve anxiety, irritability, and tension; produces a state of intoxication depressant
withdrawal from alcohol detoxification
family in which conflict, misbehavior, child neglect/abuse is common dysfunctional family
tiny air sacs in the lungs lose their ability to work, can be caused by tobacco emphysema
person or thing that makes something possible enabler
fetal alcohol syndrome, group of alcohol related birth defects FAS
drug which causes the senses to become distorted and cause "flashbacks" hallucinogen
a stronger form of marijuana hashish
heroin a narcotic
when someone loses control of their behavior due to alcohol intoxicated
chemical vapors which cause an intoxicating effect inhalant
LSD a hallucinogen
methadone a narcotic
a type of alcohol, colorless poisonous liquid methyl
morphine a narcotic
an opiate drug used to relieve pain, highly addictive narcotic
a narcotic that can also be used as an analgesic opium
over the counter, medication you can buy without a doctor's prescription OTC
a person who involuntarily inhales second-hand smoke passive smoker
PCP a hallucinogen
written by a doctor that allows a patient to receive a specific medication prescription
drugs that produce hallucinations psychedelic drugs
an effect from drugs that affects the mind psychoactive effect
a person who is unfairly blamed for something others have done, an excuse scapegoat
depressants, produce calm or inducing sleep sedative
reaction to the medicine other than the one intended side effects
smoke that passes from a cigarette into the surrounding air side stream smoke
drugs that are used to temporarily increase muscle mass steroids
drugs used to increase alertness and relieve fatigue, used for euphoric effect, speeds up the central nervous system stimulants
an ingredient in tobacco tar
the main ingredient in marijuana THC
a condition in which the body becomes used to the effect of a medicine or drug tolerance
depressants, taken to reduce anxiety and tension tranquilizers
when a person stops using a medicine or drug which he/she has a chemical dependence withdrawal
the deliberate termination of human pregnancy abortion
cruel and violent treatment of a person abuse
rape by a person who is known by the victim acquaintance rape
birth to the placenta afterbirth
a viral STD, attacks and weakens the immune system AIDS/HIV
thin fluid membrane that surrounds developing embryo amniotic sac
the vagina, where baby comes out birth canal
scientific examination of blood for a diagnosis blood test
baby is born feet first breech
C section, delivery of fetus by surgical abdominal incision Caesarian
where the uterus and the vagina join cervix
a painless ulcer that develops on the genitals, involved with STDs chancre
a bacterial STD, most common STD, causes abnormal discharge and pain while urinating chlamydia
removal of the foreskin of the penis circumcision
sexual intercourse coitus
sexual intercourse in which the penis is withdrawn before ejaculation coitus interruptus
the fertilization of an egg by a sperm to create a new life conception
plastic disposable sheath worn over penis during sexual intercourse condom
birth control, using artificial methods to prevent pregnancy contraception
neutralizes the acidity in the urethra, cleans the urethra cowper's gland
evaluation of fluid, tissue, or other products of the body to identify normal cells culture test
shots of progesterone that prevent ovulation depo-provera
dome-shaped rubber device that is inserted into vagina to form a barrier between egg and sperm diaphragm
female sex cell egg
how the baby is referred to from weeks 1 - 8 embryo
the release of semen and 300 million - 500 million sperm from penis ejaculation
thin long coiled tube that stores sperm, on upper surface of each testicle epididymis
spongelike tissue of penis fills with blood causing it to become enlarged and hard erection
female hormones produced by the ovaries progesterone and estrogen
where fertilization occurs, passageway for the cell from ovary to uterus fallopian tubes
union of egg and sperm in the fallopian tube fertilization
how baby is referred to from week 8 until birth fetus
retractable roll of skin covering the end of the penis foreskin
don't necessarily resemble each other, one sperm fertilizes 2 different eggs fraternal twins
a bacteria that causes gonorrhea gonococcus
a bacterial STD, causes discharge, burning, and pain urinating gonorrhea
a viral STD, causes sores, painful blisters, and flu-like symptoms herpes
attracted to the opposite sex heterosexual
attracted to the same sex homosexual
chemical which cause rapid bodily changes hormones
a surgical operation to remove all or part of the uterus hysterectomy
exactly resemble each other, one sperm fertilizes an egg and the egg splits identical twins
when the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus implantation
people who are too closely related to each other and can't get married incest
babies under 5 pounds are kept in an environment similar to the womb incubation
not capable of reproducing infertility
a form of cancer involving multiple tumors as a result of AIDS kaposi's sarcoma
the process of childbirth from start of uterine contractions to delivery labor
nearly colorless cells found in blood, lymph, and lymphoid tissues lymphocytes
when women discharge blood and other materials from the lining of the uterus monthly menstruation
when natural menstruation ceases menopause
natures way of ending a pregnancy when things aren't perfect miscarriage
ejaculation while sleeping nocturnal emission/seminal emission
rods that are put under a female's skin to prevent ovaries from releasing an egg norplant
stores egg cells, produces estrogen and progesterone ovary
inserted into vagina during sexual intercourse penis
intentional and unwanted contact with your body physical abuse
combination of synthetic hormones similar to those produced in the ovaries, stops ovary from releasing an egg birth control pill
thick blood-rich tissue that lines the walls of the uterus during pregnancy and nourishes the embryo placenta
pregnancy ends after 6th month of development but before full term, baby weighs less than 5 pounds premature birth
something used to prevent diseases prophylactic
spongy tissue gland, neutralizes the acidity in the vagina prostate gland
marks the beginning of childbearing years puberty
the time when puberty begins pubescence
forcing someone else to commit sexual acts rape
the male reproductive fluid ejaculated from the penis semen
forcing of unwanted sexual activity by one person through the use of threats sexual abuse
unwanted verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature sexual harassment
a person's sexual identity in relation to the gender they are attracted to sexual orientation
characteristics which make up a male and a female sexuality
male sex cell sperm
sperm killing jelly or cream that kills the sperm membrane spermicide
sexually transmitted disease, can occur if there is no protection during sexual intercourse STD
when a baby is born dead stillborn
a bacterial STD, can cause painless sores and can be fatal syphilis
two small glands that produce sperm and secrete testosterone testicles
male hormone produced by the testicles testosterone
surgery to block the fallopian tubes tubal ligation
ropelike structure that connects the embryo to the placenta, passageway for nourishment umbilical cord
passageway through which urine and semen is released from the body urethra
muscular elastic passageway extending from uterus to outside of the body, receives male penis vagina
passageway for sperm vas deferens
the surgical cutting and sealing of the vas deferens vasectomy
the uterus womb
chromosomes that make up a girl XX
chromosomes that make up a boy XY
how the baby is referred to from conception to the end of week 1 zygote
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