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Healing Herbs

Kitchen Herbs and their supposed benefits

PlantHealth Benefits
Rhubarb colon, liver, eliminates worms
Maté cleanses blood,liver, controls appetite, fights aging, enhances healing power of other herbs!
Kava Kava relaxation, antiseptic, helpful for anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress related disorders and urinary tract infection- circulation
Peppermint headaches, anxiety
Tea Tree skin, acne, fungal infections
Saw Palmetto prostate
Pau d'arco smoking, infections, prostate
Yohimbe prostate
Pumpkin seed prostate
Gotu Kola liver - heart- sex drive -blood
Ginko brain, cramps, depression
Milk Thistle liver
Lavender aroma therapy
Rosemary fights bacteria, relaxes stomach, improves circulation, prevents liver toxicity- good for headaches, menstrual cramps
Sage reduces sweating and salivation
Thyme respiratory problems, liver disease, headaches, scalp itching
Yucca inflammation
Fennel kidney, liver, cleanses lungs, abdominal pain, gas, good for acid stomach
Celery muscle spasms
Flax teeth bones, skin, inflammation
Papaya heartburn, indigestion, inflammation
Parsley reduces gas, bad breath, more vitamin C than oranges
Carrots, beets liver
Artichokes liver
Turmeric inflammation, infection
Cayenne anti inflammation-sore throat
Cinnamon fungal- yeast
Licorice cleeanses colon, decreases muscular spasms, increases fluidity of mucus, chronic fatigue, inflammatory bowels, good against ulcers, don't take for more than 2 weeks , might change estrogen levels, use for singing high pitched
Chammomille anti inflammatory- sleep aid
Created by: Neuron Monstar