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unit 1 N&W

How food affects life and why we eat

First step of the decision making process state the decisions to be made
Second step of the decision making process List alternatives
Third step of the decision making process Weigh the pros and cons of each alternative
Fourth step of the decision making process Make a decision and act on it
Fifth step of the decision making process Evaluate your decision
Weight loss tips: Don't diet- these are temporary weight loss Stop when hunger is satisfied Eat slowly Don't skip meals Remember that a healthy diet and regular physical activity are necessary for maintaining a healthy weight
Physical fitness Having the energy and ability to do everything you want and need to do in your daily life
Physical activity Using your muscles to move your body
Benefits of physical fitness: Control weight Strengthen bones and muscles Improve your ablitiy to do daily activities Improve mental health and mood Reduce risk of illness Increase chance of living longer Having fun
before/after working out? Warm up and cool down
Physiological/biological needs Energy and nutrient requirments. Food meats physical needs.
Physical health Health of your body. Helps you grow and develop normally.
Mental health Health of your mind. Eat the foods you need and your body is less likely to develop illness
Social health Health of your relationships with other people. Food gives you the strength to feel more outgoing and confident
Cultural influences on food National origin, religion, Holidays.
Social influences on food Family, friends, mass media
Psychological influences on food choices Emotional. Cake with birthdays, popcorn with movies. Mood & attitudes towards eating
Psychological Food gives us comfort and emotional contact. Food means " I LOVE YOU" <3 Food relieves tension and boredom Food promotes friendship and sharing Food is associated with shared experiences and memories
Environment- Food crops require the right air temperatures adequate water, and fertile soil to grow
government- Laws govern the way foods are grown- processes, packaged and labeled
USDA? United states department of agriculture
FDA? Food and drug administration
Techonology affect on food- Nutrient content, Avaliability, safety
How much should you excercize each day? 30-60 minutes
What is your fitness goal for yourself? work out 3 times a week!
Created by: maddydogking