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PHRA 1004 final

Pharmacotherapy final review

What is a decongestant used for? decrease swelling and mucus production
What drug would be used to treat syphilis? Cephtriraxon
What is emphysema? enlarged alveoli and decreased elasticity
What is the main side effect of most OTC antihistamines? sedation
Which lice and scabies treatment is OTC? permethrin
What does rosuvastatin treat? hyperlipidemia
Which virus causes genital warts? Human Papilloma Virus HPV
What is levothyroxine used to treat? hypothyroidism
What drug is prescribed for post-exposure prophylaxis? Combivir
What is the therapeutic classification of olanzapine? Atypical antipsychotic
What kind of side effect is tardive dyskinesia? extrapyramidal symptoms
Who should not take oral contraceptives? Women who smoke.
What is the therapeutic classification of alprazolam? Benzodiazepine.
What is the generic name for Humalog? insulin lispro
Which psychiatric disorder is characterized by hallucinations, delusions, and difficulty having normal emotional responses? Schizophrenia
What is quetiapine used to treat? Schizophrenia
What does valacyclovir treat? genital herpes
What is eszopiclone used to treat? insomnia
What is the therapeutic classification of duloxetine? SNRI
What is the therapeutic classification of Toprol XL? Beta blockers
What OTC pain reliever should not be taken by patients on Coumadin? ASA
What is the generic name for Vyvanse? Lisdexamfetamine
What is enoxaparin classified as? low molecular heparin
Which vaccine is used to prevent HPV? Gardasil
Which type of diabetes mellitus is always insulin-dependent? Type 1
What is the generic name for Norvir? ritonavir
Osteoporosis is a disease that affects the what? Bone
What therapeutic class is Actonel? bisphosphonate
What is Avastin classified as? MAB
What disease does alendronate treat? osteoporosis
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