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blue term rev2

blue terminolgy rev 2

Resembling a gland adenoid
Condition of clumping agglutination
Attraction to base basophil
Abnormal increase of red embryonic cells erythroblastosis
Pertaining to below colour hypochromic
Attraction for rose colour eosinophil
Red cell erythrocyte
Cell containing granules granulocyte
Fear of blood hemophobia
Blood tumour hematoma
Study of immunity immunology
Destruction of the nucleus karyolysis
Disease of lymph nodes lymphadenopathy
Resembling lymph lymphoid
Tumour of lymph vessels lymphangioma
Study of form/shape morphology
Relating to producing in bone marrow myelogenic
Pertaining to an attraction for neutral neutrophilic
Cell that eats phagocyte
Pertaining to a failure to form aplastic
Cell that is irregular or varied poikilocyte
Cell that contains a net reticulocyte
Study of serum serology
Deficiency of iron sideropenia
Bursting forth of the spleen splenorrhagia
Abnormal condition of a blood clot thrombosis
Disease of the thymus gland thymopathy
Foreign transplantation xenograft
Red embryonic cell erythroblast
Without blood anemia
Blood protein hemoglobin
Self transplantation autograft
Abnormal increase in white cells leukocytosis
Abnormal decrease in red erythropenia
Attraction for neutral neutrophil
Carrying electricity electrophoresis
Against protection anaphylaxix
Formation of blood hematopoiesis
Standing still of blood hemostasis
Without a form amorphic
Transplantation from other allograft
Abnormal increase in cells that are unequal anisocytosis
Pertaining to the same colour isochromic
Large cell macrocyte
Small cell microcyte
Abnormal condition of one nucleus mononeucleosis
Pertaining to many forms or shapes polymorphic
Created by: messecard