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Alcohol Vocab

Ethanol the type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages
Fermentation the chemical action of yeast on sugars.
Depressant A slowing down of the central nervous system
Intoxication The physical and mental impairment resulting from the use of alcohol.
Central Nervous System The part of the brain that controls thought processes and memory.
Liver The organ where oxidation takes place
Oxidation The process that changes alcohol to water, carbon dioxide and energy
Blood Vessels System that caries alcohol to all parts of the body.
Kidneys Produce more urine after consuming alcohol which leads to dehydration.
Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) The amount of alcohol in a person expressed as a percent.
DWI or DUI Terms used to define Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence.
Designated Driver A person in a social setting who chooses not to drink so he/she can safely drive themselves and/or others.
Cirrhosis A condition in which the liver tissue is destroyed and then replaced with scar tissue.
Hepatitis An inflammation or infection of the liver that can cause weakness, jaundice, fever and death.
Alcohol Tolerance The body needs more alcohol to produce the same effect.
Alcohol Withdrawal The painful process that occurs within the body when the addictive drug, Alcohol, is no longer used.
Binge Drinking Periodic Excessive Drinking or Drinking a lot in a short amount of time. Can cause Alcohol Poisoning.
Alcoholism A physical and psychological dependence on the drug ethanol
Stage one Alcoholism Social drinking often to relax or to relieve stress or depression. The drinker rationalizes their behavior.
Stage two Alcoholism A person who is physically dependent on alcohol. The drinker denies or tries to hide the problem.
Stage Three Alcoholism Alcohol is more important in a person's life than anything else. Alcohol is a constant companion and the alcoholic isolates themselves from friends and family.
Delirium Tremens The dramatic physical and psychological effects of alcohol withdrawal.
Codependency A person who covers for, takes care of, but also suffers from living with an alcoholic.
Abstinence Refusal to practice high-risk behaviors.
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