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Alcohol Abuse

Health Occupations 2nd period Mrs. Peterson

What is alcohol abuse? It is used as a stimulate social interaction.Alcohol abuse is a pattern of drinking that results in harm to one’s health, interpersonal relationships, or ability to work
What is it used for? It is used for joy, sadness, celebrations, dinner time, and restaurants.
What are some treatments? You need to go to rehab or go to therapy.
What is commonly forgotten about alcohol? It is a drug,a dangerous drug.
Who gets it? (male/female, ethnicity, age group, etc.)? Mostly teens and over but it affects men and women.
What part of the body does it affect? The brain, heart, lungs.
What are the symptoms? Abusive to others (verbal or physical) Drunk Driving Diabetes Heart problems Brain processing
What are the risk factors? Drinking too much and hurting others.
How is the disease affecting society? (high school students) Four out of ten highschool seniors reported drinking some alcohol.
How old do u have to be in order to drink in the US? 21 Years of age.
How old do u have to be in order to drink in Canada? 18 Years of age.
Is it commonly abused in the US as a drug? YES!!!!!!
What is another name for some one who abuses alcohol? Alcoholic
What is another name for alcohol abuse? Alcoholism
Should you drink well you a pregnant and Why? No because it could harm the baby's development and how its brain works.
How many deaths was alcohol in or involved in? (someone getting hit or person driving) 1.8 million
How many people are disapable because of alcohol? 58.3 million
Created by: Libby2007