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Bi polar disorder

flashcards for Mrs. petersons 2nd hour class

What is Bi polar disorder? It is a complex genetic disorder. It is characterized by mood swings that can range from very mild to extreme that can happen gradually or suddenly.
How is this disease affecting society? One out of every 83 individuals in the united states
who gets Bi polar disorder? Bi polar disorder is a hereditary disease. meaning it runs in the family.
what part of the body does it effect? The brain
what are some symptoms? racing thoughts mood swings become very irritable for no reason feel out of control sleep too much or not enough feel weak or tired
what are the risk factors? although it is a hereditary disease. partaking in dangerous or risky behaviors such as drinking excessively or doing drugs can also cause this diease
How is this disease detected? Bi polar disorder is a very difficult disease to diagnose. And often pushed off by parents and teachers that say its normal for teens to act up. they view classic symptoms of bi polar disorder as merely bad behavior.
what are treatment options for this diastase? medication: mood stabilizers, antidepressants,anti psychotics therapy: behavioral therapy , cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy, social rythms therapy
what type of support groups are available for this disease? group therapy
are there any other names for this disease? Manic depression
Created by: 16tackettgm