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Tay-Sachs Disease

Flashcards for Mrs.Peterson's 2nd Period Class

What is the name of the Disease? Tay-Sachs Disease
What is other names for Tay-Sachs Disease? Gangliodosis(GM2) type 1
What is Tay-Sachs Disease? It is a rare, inherited disorder that causes the progressive build up of lipids(fats) in nerve cells in the spinal and brain cells that deteriates them over time
How is this disease affecting society? It is rare in the world population but it affects 1 out of 27 Ashkenazi Jews.
Who gets it? Ashkenazi Jews, the cajun population and french canadians living near the St.Lawerance river
What part of the body does it affect? It affects the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord, which slowly starts to affect the whole body as it starts to deteriate.
Name one symptom of Tay-Sachs disease Deafness, blindness, loss of muscle strength, delayed mental and social skills,dementia, increased startle reaction, irritability, listlessness, loss of motor skills, paralysis,seizure, and slow growth development.
What age do most children pass away by? Age 4 or 5
When do the symptoms start to show? Around 6 months of age.
What is the cause? It is caused by a mutated gene passed down from both parents.
What are the treatments? Treatments are really only to control symptoms and make the children as comfortable as possible.
What are the physical implications of Tay-Sachs? Tay-Sachs is a very debilitating disease. You start as a very normal baby but then you become progressively worse and worse over time to a point where you can't move,speak,see, or hear, or eat for yourself.
How is it detected? It is detected by a blood testing, You see if there is an abnormally high level of Hex-A(the fat that builds up)in your blood.
Is there online support groups? Yes there is groups,blogs, and chats for parents with children with Tay-Sachs.
Created by: emcg2016