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flashcards for Health Oc.

The definition of malaria. A life threatening parasitic disease
How is the disease affecting society? Tropical countries. Latin America,Asia and Africa. 750,000 to 2.7 million mostly children younger than 5 will die from it.A total of 300 to 500 million people are currently infected.
who gets it? mostly children in underdeveloped countries. Africa,Asia.
What part of the body does it affect? Once the parasite enters the human body it lodges itself to the liver where it multiplies approximately 10,000 times.Around 2 weeks after the parasite enters the blood stream and infects the red blood cells.
Symptoms of malaria. Fever,headache,vomiting. can be confused with flu symptoms.
The risk. If drugs are not available or if the parasite is resistant to them, the infection can develop into anemia and cerebral malaria which blocks blood capillaries into the brain which can cause death.
Treatment of malaria. Depends on many things such as then type of species of the infecting parasite,the area of the infection and the clinical status of the patient.
Prevention of malaria first determine if malaria transmission occurs at your destination.
How it is transmitted Being bitten by a infected female anopheles mosquito.
is it contagious? Malaria is not contagious in any way.
Created by: eperez264