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Stomach Cancer

Disease Project 2nd Period Mrs.Peterson

What is another name for Stomach Cancer? Gastric Cancer
What is the definition of Stomach Cancer? Cancer that occurs in the stomach.
Is Stomach Cancer common in the United States? No.
What areas is Stomach Cancer most common in? Japan, China, former Soviet Union, parts of Central America and South America
What race/ethnicity is it most common in? Being African American or Asian may increase risk.
What gender is Stomach Cancer most common in? Men have more than double the risk of getting diagnosed than women.
what blood type has a higher risk? Blood group A
What is the age group Somach Cancer common in? Occur more often around ages 70 and 74
What are the chances if family has had it? Family history can double or triple the risk.
What lifestyle factor will increase risk? Smoking, drinking alcohol, eating a diet low in fruit and vegetables or high in salt
what part of body does this type of cancer affect? Stomach and certain tissues such as Glandular tissue.
What are early symptoms? Indigestion and stomach cancer, bloated feeling after eating, mild nausea, loss of appetite, heartburn
what are symptoms of more advanced cancer? Blood in stool, vomitting or vomitting blood, weight loss, weakness of fatigue
How is it detected? Can be detected by doctor performing a physical exam.
Treatment Options? Surgery,Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy,Targeted Drugs
Created by: 15ventumar