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5th Nutrition

5th Grade Nutrition

What are two food sources for vitamins? Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grain Breads, Meats
You only need these nutrients in small amounts. These also help to fight disease. Vitamins
T or F Myplate and Mypyramid both tell us that we should eat a variety of foods and control the amount we eat. True
Name 5 of the 6 main food groups on mypyramid. 1. Meat and Beans 2. Milk 3. Fats 4. Grains 5. Vegetables 6. Fruits
The process of taking in food and using it for energy growth and good health? Nutrition
Substances in food that your body needs to carry out normal functions. Nutrients
Why are the different food groups on mypyramid all different widths? The width of the food groups tell you that you need more of some foods than others.
The fat, bone, muscles and fluid that makes up your body weight is called what? Body Composition
Being overweight puts a person at risk for developing what diseases? Heart Disease Diabetes
Does everyone have a specific body weight they should weigh? If no tell why. No, everyone will weight different amounts. It all depends on your body composition.
What are two things that can influence your food choices.q 1. Advertisements 2. Media 3. Taste 4. Texture 5. Apperance 6. Friends.
What are carbohydrates Surgars and starches found in foods.
This is your body's primary source of energy. carbohydrates
What are the two different types of carbohydrates? Simple Complex
Nutrients that provide the building blocks your body needs for growth are called what? Proteins
Nutrients found in fatty animal tissues and plant oils. Fats
What are two food sources for proteins? Fish, chicken, beef, eggs, milk, dairy products
Why do we need fats? 1. Carry vitamins in blood stream 2. Keeps skin healthy 3. Energy 4. Protection
Nutrients that help regulate body functions. Vitamins
These Nutrients promote healing and aid in the repair of tissue? Proteins
T or F All vitamins need to be replaced daily. False
Why is it important to keep food safe to eat? To avoid illness
What are side effects of being overweight? Low self-esteem Can make physical activity difficult.
What is the word for significantly overweight Obese
Name one tip for having healthy snacks. 1. Keep them healthy 2. Choose snacks that provide nutrition to the body
A system designed to help Americans make healthful food choices. MyPyramid Food Guidance System
Why is water important? Hydration is not an answer. 1. carriers nutreients around the body 2. Helps with digestion 3. Removes Waste 4. Cools you off
Your body is __________ to _________ % water? 45-75
What re 2 food sources for minerals Red Meats Beans
Elements in foods that help your body work propersly. ex..calcium and Iron Minerals
Created by: feltont