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Exercise Vocab

Intensity how much energy you use when you work out
Target Heart Rate(THR) the number of heartbeats per minute you should aim for during exercise to benefit your circulatory system
Frequency the number of days you work out each week
Physical Activity any kind of movement that causes your body to use energy
Fitness how much you can exercise without becoming tired
Exercise physical activity that improves or maintains personal fitness
Strength the ability of your muscles to exert a force
Endurance being able to exercise vigorously without getting too tired
Heart/Lung Endurance how well your heart and lungs work during exercise
Muscle Endurance the ability of a muscle to exert the force over a prolonged period of time
Aerobic Exercise non-stop exercise that requires large amounts of oxygen and works the heart (jogging, swimming)
Anaerobic Exercise intense exercise that takes little oxygen but involves short bursts of energy (weight lifting, sprints)
Flexibilty being able to move joints easily and fully
Body Compostion proportions of fat, water, muscle, and bones that make up the body weight
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