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SOCI 200 Final Exam

Men & Masculinities, Buy & Sell, Rape Culture

Masculinity is primarily a _________ activity. homosocial
Describe Genteel patriarch: derived identity from land ownership (supervising his estate, he was refined, elegant and given to casual seriousness)
Describe Heroic artisan: embodied the physical strength and republican virtue that Jefferson observed in the farmer, independent urban craftsman, or shopkeeper
Describe Marketplace masculinity: normative definition of masculinity. involves aggression, competition, anxiety in the public sphere, marketplace.
Describe Hegemonic masculinity: the image of masculinity of those men in power, which has become the standard for evaluations for young men to become 'real men'.
What do gendered products do? -create/reinforce the idea of a supposed natural difference between sexes and genders -create/reinforce harmful gender roles
What is Rape Culture? it is the link between rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society, in which prevalent attitudes and practices normalize, excuse, tolerate, or even condone rape
What is sexual objectification? the process of representing or treating a person like a sex object, one that serves another's sexual pleasure
Describe Victim blaming: the phenomenon in which a victim of a crime or accident is partially or entirely attributed or responsible for the transgressions committed against them
Describe Slut shaming: the act of making a woman feel guilty or inferior for engaging in certain sexual pleasures that deviate from traditional or orthodox gender expectations -EX: dressing in sexually proactive ways, requesting access to birth control, or even being raped
Give 2 examples of "Rape Myths" 1. "No really means yes" 2. "She wanted it"
Created by: bayleegott