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NUT 10

Vitamins, Minerals, RDAs, Daily Values

Basic Function of VITAMIN C? (3) 1. Formation of collagen 2. Increase IRON absorption 3. ANTIOXIDANT
Basic Function of THIAMIN (B1)? 1. Energy metabolism (regulatory)
Basic Function of NIACIN (B3)? (3) 1. Energy metabolism 2. Epithelial health 3. Nerve function
Basic Function of VITAMIN B12? (3) 1. Protect Nervous System 2. DNA Synthesis 3. Cell Replication
Basic Function of FOLATE? (2) 1. Cell replication 2. DNA Synthesis
WATER Soluble vitamins? (5) 1. Vitamin C 2. Thiamin (B1) 3. Niacin (B3) 4. Vitamin B12 5. Folate
Basic Function of VITAMIN A? (3) 1. Maintenance of Epithelial tissue 2. Vision, bone health 3. ANTIOXIDANT (Beta-Carotene)
Basic Function of VITAMIN D? (2) 1. Calcium homeostasis 2. Bone health
Basic Function of VITAMIN E? 1. ANTIOXIDANT
FAT Soluble Vitamins? (3) 1. Vitamin A 2. Vitamin D 3. Vitamin E
ANTIOXIDANTS? (3) 1. Vitamin C 2. Vitamin E 3. Beta-carotene
Function of WATER soluble vitamins? conenzymes
Function of FAT soluble vitamins? more general functions
Food Source of VITAMIN C? Kiwi
Food Source of THIAMIN (B1)? Whole grain bread
Food Source of NIACIN (B3)? Whole grain bread
Food Source of VITAMIN B12? Liver
Food Source of FOLATE? Spinach
Food Source of VITAMIN A? Carrots
Food Source of VITAMIN D? Vitamin D fortified MILK
Food Source of VITAMIN E? Whole grain bread (germ)
Definciency/Toxicity of VITAMIN C? DEF= scurvy TOX: none
Definciency/Toxicity of THIAMIN (B1)? DEF= beriberi (central NS dysfunction, muscle fatigue) TOX= none
Definciency/Toxicity of NIACIN (B3)? DEF= pellagra (4Ds)- Dermatitis, diaherra, delirium, death TOX= none
Definciency/Toxicity of VITAMIN B12? DEF= pernicious ANEMIA TOX= none
Definciency/Toxicity of FOLATE? DEF= Birth defects, Megaloblastic ANEMIA TOX= none
Vitamins/minerals pregnant women should take in order to avoid BIRTH DEFECTS/COMPLICATIONS? - IRON - FOLATE -ZINC AVOID too much of: Vitamin A, Vitamin D
Definciency/Toxicity of VITAMIN A? DEF= poor night vision, blindness, birth defects, dermatology issues TOX= Bone decalcification, death, birth defects
Definciency/Toxicity of VITAMIN D? DEF= children; rickets-- adults; osteomalacia (weak bones) TOX= Random bone growth (over calcification)
Definciency/Toxicity of VITAMIN E? DEF= hemolytic ANEMIA (RBC explode) TOX= not important
Vitamins you get ANEMIA for being DEFICIENT in them? (3) 1. Vitamin E 2. Vitamin B12 3. Folate
Important about NIACIN (B3)? Body can use tryptophan (AA) to make NIACIN
Important about VITAMIN B12? -- VITAMIN B12 needs and intrinsic factor to be absorbed -- Can be stored in the liver
Important about FOLATE? -- Need more during pregnancy (prevent neural tube damage
Important about VITAMIN D? -- Body can make VITAMIN D from CHOLESTEROL
Basic Function of CALCIUM? (2) 1. Structure of Bones/Teeth 2. Muscle Contraction
Basic Function of SODIUM? (2) 1. Fluid Balance 2. Nerve Impulses
Basic Function of POTASSIUM? 1. Fluid Balance
Basic Function of IRON? (3) 1. Regulation 2. Carries O2 to Cells 3. CO-enzyme
Basic Function of IODINE? 1. Maintains BMR
Basic Function of ZINC? (4) 1. Growth 2. Sex Maturation 3. Taste Perception 4. Wound Healing
TRACE minerals? (3) 1. Iron 2. Iodine 3. Zinc
Where is SODIUM located in the cell in a HIGHER CONCENTRATION? Extracellular
Where is POTASSIUM located in the cell in a HIGHER CONCENTRATION? Intracellular
Food Source of CALCIUM? (non dairy) Tofu
Food Source of SODIUM? Salt
Food Source of POTASSIUM? Banana
Food Source of IRON? (2) 1. Red meat (heme) 2. Beans (non heme)
Food Source of IODINE? Iodized Salt
Food Source of ZINC? Oyster
Factors affecting BIOAVAILABILITY of CALCIUM? (3) 1. Pregnancy increases bioavailability (so need does not increase) 2. More Vitamin D increases bioA of CALCIUM 3. Oxalate/phytate: decrease bioA of CALCIUM
Factors affecting BIOAVAILABILITY of IRON? (5) 1. heme: increase bioavailabiliy (20-30%) 2. Vitamin C: increase bioA of IRON 3. Increase iron status: decreased bioA (body doesnt need as much) 4. Oxalate/phytate: decrease bioavailability 5. Fiber and tannins decrease bioavailability
Factors affecting BIOAVAILABILITY of ZINC? (1) 1. Phytate: main inhibitor of ZINC 2. Tannines: decreases BioA
OXALATE decreases bioavailability of? (2) 1. Calcium 2. Iron
PHYTATE decreases bioavailability of? (3) 1. Calcium 2. Iron 3. ZINC
Definciency/Toxicity of CALCIUM? DEF: Osteoporosis TOX: none
Definciency/Toxicity of IODINE? DEF: Goiter, Cretism (retardation in child if pregnant with goiter/ iodine deficiency) TOX: none
Definciency/Toxicity of ZINC? DEF: stunted growth, delayed sexual maturity, impaired immune system (elderly), slow wound healing.
Daily Value of TOTAL Fat? 65 grams
Daily Value of SATURATED Fat? 20 grams
RDA for TOTAL Fat? <35% of energy
RDA for SATURATED Fat? <7% of energy
Daily Value of Cholesterol? 300 milligrams
Daily Value of Total CARBS? 300 grams
Daily Value of FIBER? 25 grams (or more)
Daily Value of SODIUM? Less than 2,400 milligrams
Daily Value of PROTEIN? 50 grams
RDA for PROTEIN? .8g/kg of body weight
If body fat is over ___ for a woman, she is obese. 35%
If body fat is over ___ for a man, he is obese. 25%
If BMI is under 25, you are _____ NORMAL WEIGHT
If BMI is between 25 and 30, you are _____ OVERWEIGHT
If BMI is over 30, you are _____ OBESE
Abdominal obesity in a WOMAN is if she has a waist measurement of OVER ____ 35 inches
Abdominal obesity in a MAN is if he has a waist measurement of OVER ____ 40 inches
Vitamins that promote epithelial health: (2) - Niacin (B3) - Vitamin A
Vitamins are _____ ORGANIC
Minerals are ______ INORGANIC
B vitamin deficiency affects ____ and _____ tongue and skin
The RDA of VITAMIN C is increased for smokers by _____ +35mg a day
Pregnancy increases the need for: (4) Protein, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B12, Folate
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