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GHTH 100 Final

What are the characteristics of addiction? Reinforcement, obsession/compulsion, negative consequences, loss of control, and escalation
Enablers Feed an addiction by ignoring the problem, giving money, or masking the drug user's abuse
Codependents "Addicted to the addict"- assume responsibility and ignore personal needs
How do addictions develop? Avoidance- using addiction to mask a problem -User becomes more dependent, deteriorates relationships
Process addiction Mood altering behaviors (shopping addiction, gambling, exercise addiction, etc)
Can you be addicted to technology? Yes
What characteristics might you notice in a person with drug dependence? Become more tolerant of the drug, take larger doses, persistent desire to cut down, spending a lot of time getting/using/recovering from the drug, continued use, failure to perform daily tasks
What time frame can someone be diagnosed with drug dependence? 3 or more symptoms in a 12 month period.
What kind of people do drugs? All economic statuses, ethnic groups, and ages
What type of people are more likely to try drugs? Thrill seekers, troubled adolescents, males (twice as likely), younger people,teen girls who date older boys, members of dysfunctional families, members of bad crowds
What are the risk factors for dependence? Difficulty controlling impulses, thrill seekers, emotional trauma, hostility, and aggression
What factors influence how a drug affects a particular individual? Body weight, health, genetics, combination with other chemicals
What social factors affect how a drug affects a person? Social settings, expectation vs. reality
Opiods Natural or synthetic drugs that cause reduced pain, anxiety, lethargy, etc. Medical use for cough suppression and pain relief.
Barbiturates CNS depressants (downers)- valium, xanax, etc -Deadly combined with alcohol Medically prescribed for anxiety, seizures, and sleep disorders.
Stimulants Caffeine, cocaine, meth, amphetamines (uppers)
What potential consequences can marijuana use have? Learning problems, issues with respiratory system, dependence
What effect do inhalants have on the body? Slow down functioning
How many cal/g does alcohol have? 7
How do you find the proof value of a beverage? Concentration x 2
What factors affect the rate of alcohol absorption? Food in the stomach, alcohol concentration, artificial sweeteners, carbonation
Where is alcohol absorbed? 20? stomach to bloodstream 75% absorbed in small intestine
Where is non metabolized alcohol excreted? Kidneys, sweat glands, and lungs (alcohol on the breath)
How does alcohol effect liver functioning? Fatty liver, cirrhosis (liver cell damage), pancreas inflammation
What benefits can alcohol have in moderation Prevention of CVD, raises HDL, CHD prevention
Cardiac myopathy Weakening of the heart muscles
How many years less do alcoholics live? 15 on average
Moderate drinks for men and women? Men- 1-2/day Women-1-0/day
Binge drinking standards for men and women? Men- 5/more per hour Women- 4/more per hour
Side stream smoke Smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, cigar, or pipe
Atherosclerosis Plaque buildup
Systole Period of heart's contraction
Diastole Heart's relaxation
What does cholesterol do in excess? Clogs the arteries
Metabolic syndrome Insulin resistance syndrome
Homocysteine Amino acid circulating in the blood that leads to heart attack, stroke, and memory loss -Damages the lining of blood vessels
Angina Heart does not receive enough oxygen during exercise
Angina pectoris Chest pain
Peripheral Arterial Disease Atherosclerosis in limbs
Metastasis Spread of cancer cells
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