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Therapeutic Activities

What is the importance of play? Preparation for a career in adulthood Childrens way to maintain equilibrium Childrens work A way to master the basic social skills of life To act of assimilation Development of self esteem Social/Emotional Development
What is the importance of play continued Healthy parent-child relationship Brain development and academic achievement Physical health
What are the 3 types of play? Play for fun Play to learn Play to heal
What can play do? Alter childs mood Reconfigure a social situation Reward children Relax children Help children feel safe
What can structured and unstructured activities do? Teach new skills Develop self-awareness Provide a forum for experimentation
Play to learn can do what? Allow children to practice social skills Benefit emotional development Practice emotional expression or regulation Help with problem solving and cognitive skills
Play to heal can do what? Help children deal with and express grief through structured conversation Begin to repair damage to the sensory system Help children make sense of tragic situations
What are the 3 criteria of self directed play? Children have freedom of choice Play activity is enjoyable Play is focused on process not outcome
What is directed play? An expression of self within the confines of rules Roles are more defined Play more formalized
What does directed play need in order to be effective? Impulse control Tolerance to frustration Acceptance of limits A level of interpersonal interaction
What is the play facilitators role? Initial and most important concern is safety Play is child sentered Provide encouragement, motivation and resources to satisfy the interest
What is a therapeutic milieu? Therapeutic Play Environment
What is most important in a therapeutic mileu? Physical, emotional, cultural and ideological safety
What does a therapeutic mileu het children do? Enhance normal development Form positive social bonds
What is neuroception? A childs ability to distinguish between a safe and dangerous place
What does a therapeutic mileu include? Play areas and equipment are mainsained and procautions are taken to ensure physical safety Children are encouraged to let out their emotions and senses Pules and acceptable behavior enforced Culture is reflected and accepted
What are some outdoor play areas? Playgrounds and backyards, trips in nature
What does outdoor play need? An area for large muscle activity, A place for shelter, quiet and rest Versatile equipment Earth, fire and water Plants and animals
What should you do if there is a group going on a walk or hike? Familiarize yourself with area prior to outing Tell someone in authority Carry portable phone Travel with adult trained in first aid Leave environment intact
What should gymnasiums include? Allow for large muscle activities in a controlled environment Can service large numbers of participants Require boundaries to reduce confusion and over stimulation
A games room should include Space for some large muscle activities Ideal for fine motor skills Useful for cognitive and language based activities Provides a personal intimate atmosphere
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