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building words green module

Acromial P2 acronium
ankylosis abnormal condition of stiffness
arthritis inflammation oa a joint
arthrodesis binding together of a joint
atrophy without nourishment
brachialgia pain in the arm
calcaneodynia pain in the calcaneum (HEEL)
carpoptosis downward dispalcement of carpus(wrist)
cephalad toward the head
cervicodynia pain in the neck
chondritis inflammation of the cartilage
chondromalacia softening of the cartilage
clavicular p2 the clavicle
costectomy excision/removal of a rib
craniotomy excision of the cranium
dactylitis inflammation of fingers/toes
dystrophy disorder caused by defective nutrition or metabolism
epiphysis growth above/beyond
fascioplasty surgical repair of fascia band
femoral p2 the femor
fibroma tumour of fibre.fibrous tissue
fibulocalcaneal p2 the fibula& calcaneum/heel
humeroscapular p2 the humerus & scapula/shoulder
iliopelvic p2 the ilium & pelvic
intervertebral p2 tbetween the vertebrae
ischiodynia pain in the ischium
kyphosis abnormal condition of humpback
laminectomy excision/removal of the lamina
leiomyoma tumour of the smooth muscle
lordosis abnormal condition of curve/swayback
lumbodynia pain in the loins/lowerback
metacarpaectomy excision/removal of the metacarpus/footbone
metatarsalgia pain in athe metatarsal/footbone
muscular p2 muscle
myasthenia wekness/debility of muscle
myelocyte cell of bone marrow/spinal code
myoblast embryonic cell of muscle
myoma tumor of muscle
orthopedist specialist in straight feet
osteoclasia to break/surgical fracture of bone
osteoclast to break/surgical fracture of bones
osteoma tumour of bone
osteoporosis porous bones
patellectomy excision/removal of patella/kneecap
pedicure care of feet
pedograph instrument of recording feet
pelvic p2 pelvis
pelvimetry act of measuring pelvis
phalangectomy excision/removal of phalanges/bone of fingers/toes
podiatry medicne/treatment of feet
pubococcygeal p2 the pelvis bone & the coccyx/tailbone
radial p2 the radius
rhabdoid resembling rod shaped/striated muscle
rhabdomyoma tumour of rod shaped/striated muscle
scoliosis abnormal condition of crooked bent
spondylitis inflammation of vertebrae/backbone
sternad toward the sternum
subpatellar p2 below the patella/kneebone
supracostal p2 above the ribs
syndactylism condition of joined fingers/toes
synovectomy excision/removal of synovial /membrane fluid
tendinitis inflammation of a tendon
tenoplasty surgical of a tendon
tenodesis bingin/fixation of a tendon
thoracodynia pain in chest
tibiofemoral p2 the tibia& femur
arthroscopy visual examination of joint
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