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Chapter 1: Taking Charge of Your Health

Physical wellness deals with… not only your fitness level and your ability to take care of yourself, but also making choices to prevent illnesses and injuries.
Emotional wellness deals with... trust, self-confidence, optimism, satisfying relationships, and self-esteem.
Intellectual wellness deals with... challenging one's mind and never stops learning by detecting problems, finding solutions, and directing behavior.
Interpersonal wellness deals with... learning good communication skills, developing a capacity of intimacy, and cultivating a network.
Spiritual wellness deals with... developing a set of guiding beliefs, principles, and values that give meaning and purpose in life, especially in difficult times.
Environmental wellness deals with... learning and protecting one's self against hazards in one's surroundings and work to make it a safe and clean atmosphere.
Financial wellness deals with... living within one's means by balancing one's income and expenses, staying out of debt, saving money, and understanding one's own emotions about money.
The Healthy People Initiative... has been annual reporting since 1980 and aims to prevent diseases and improve people's quality of life across all age groups.
Many diverse groups have health issues such as… sex and gender, ethnicity, geographical location, income and education, disability, sexual orientation.
Ways to start to mentally improve one's wellness is... to take personal responsibility, be familiar with your family's health history, taking on healthy habits and overcoming unhealthy ones,
When someone commits to a change, their actions are to... examine their current health habits, choosing then learning target behavior, and finding help.
To boost motivation... examine pros and cons of change and improve self-efficacy.
The steps to enhance readiness to change... pre-contemplate, contemplate, prepare, take action, maintain and terminate their old behaviors.
When one commits to a change in their lives, creating a personalized plan consists of... (1) monitoring personal behavior, (2) analyzing data and identify patterns, (3) making sure one develops SMART goals, (4) devise a plan of action, and (5) make a personal contract.
Created by: jpaneda