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ids 102

research paper

medicare program under social security admin that reimburses hospitals and physicans for care
staff turnover rate at which an employer gains and looses employees
variation process or result for verifying or changing
clinical care pertaining to clinic or bedside to observe or treat patients
palliative care comfort care
paraprofessional not licensed to practice as a fully qualified professional
optimal most favorable,or desirable
deficiencies quality of condition of being
dyspnea difficult of labored breathing
CNA certified nursing assistant
cardiopulmonary relating to the heart and lungs
Intervention the act of intervening
sustainability the property of being sustainability
prognostic a medical prognosis
subsequent coming after something in time
multi-morbidity co-occurring diseases
incentives a thing that motivates or encourages one to do something
predominantly mainly, for the most part
vital characteristic of life
palliative comfort care
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