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CPSC Agency that protects users from harmful products; initiates recalls and requires companies to use warning labels.
FDA Works to ensure that food and medicine are safe, healthy and effectivebe regulating the content and labeling of food, drugs and medical services.
FTC Prevents unfair, false or untrue advertising and marketing of foods, over the counter drugs, medical devices and healthcare services.
Medicare Gov't social healthcare program for Americans 65 and older.
In-Network Provider that contracts with your health insurance company.
Out-of-Network Provider that does not contract with your health insurance company.
Medicaid Gov't social healthcare program for Americans with low income/limited resources.
Premium The monthly or yearly fee for insurance.
Provider A doctor or person who gives medical care or services.
Deductible The amount that the subscriber must pay before the insurance company begins paying for medical services.
Co-Payment The amount the subscriber must pay each time medical care is received.
Exclusion A medical problem or service that is not covered by insurance.
Pre-Existing Condition Any health problem that the patient had before buying insurance.
Inpatient Care Medical care that requires a person to stay in a hospital overnight.
Outpatient Care Medical care that requires a person to stay in the hospital only during his/her treatment before being released.
Home Health Care Medical services, treatment, or equipment that is provided the patient in his/her home.
PCP The (declared) family or personal doctor you visit when you have a healthcare concern.
Specialist A healthcare provider trained to treat a specific medical condition or area of the body.
Referral A written recommendation from your PCP to see a specialist.
WHO Agency of the United Nations tasked with overseeing the public health of all nations (monitors emerging infections, administers vaccinations, etc)
Workers Compensation Insurance that covers employees who have been injured on the job or have a work-related disability/illness.
CDC Works with state health departments to monitor health trends, detect health problems and control/prevent epidemics.
NIH Directs and promotes research on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.
CHIP Gov't (State and Federal Partnership) Health care program for children (under19) whose families cannot afford health insurance, but make too much money to qualify for Medicaid.
OSHA Federal agency that regulates safety in the workplace.
Dependent A spouse or child who is covered by insurance through the subscribers plan.
Subscriber The policy holder who pays the premium (fee) for insurance coverage.
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