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health chapter 4

health chapter 4 vob words

depression a mood disorder in which a person feels extremely sad or hopeless for a least 2 weeks.
suicidal thinking the desire to take ones own life.
mental illness a disorder that effects the balance of chemicals in the brain
anxiety disorder an illness that causes unusually strong nervousness, worry or panic
mood disorder an illness in which people have uncontrollable mood changes.
peronoia the belief that other people want to harm someone.
teen hotline a number that teen can call and talk privately and anoumously about there problems.
consoler a professional that helps people work through problems by talking
psychologist a person who tries to change thoughts by finding the reasons behind them or by suggesting new ways to manage emotions.
psychiareiat a mental doctor who specializes in illness of the brain and body that effect emotions and behaviors.
mental health the way people think about and respond to event their daily lives.
emotion a feeling produced in response to a life event.
emotional health the way a person experiences and deals with emotions.
hormones chemicals that control how the body grows and functions.
emotion a set of emotions arranged by how pleasant they are.
triggers situations people and events that cause a person to feel emotion.
body language expressing emotions with face, hands and posture.
active listening not only hearing but showing that you understand what a person is saying.
self esteem a measure of how much you value, respect and feel confident about yourself.
positive self-talk thinking about the good parts of a bad situation
defense mechanisms automatic behaviors used to reduce uncomfortable stress
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