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MA 102 Midterm

a patient's illness and reason for a visit to the physician would be found in which part of the patient's chart? the medical history
the first document found in a patients medical record is what the patient registration form
the first HCP with whom a new patient speaks to when visiting a medical office is the Medical assistant
the medical abbreviation for twice a day is bid
documenting the way that a patient walks down the hall as "fine" violates which of the "C's" of charting? clarity
according to the national childhood vaccine injury act of 1986, doctors must keep all immunization records on file in their office for how long? permanently, forever
what is the definition of a "closed file"? patients who has moved, died, or is no longer seen in this office
True or False: If a patient chart becomes lost the patient must be called to come into the office to sign a form stating he will not sue the office if the chart is not retrieved TRUE
True or False: an "out guide" is a placeholder used when a file has been removed from the filing system. TRUE
what is a tickler file? a date-ordered reminder file that is used in the medical office to avoid losing track of important dates. Similar to a home calendar with our important reminders on them