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STD and Contracept

Health Midterm

What are the 3 most prevalent STDs in the U.S.? 1. HPV 2. Chlamydia 3. Herpes
Prevalent STD in US 1. HPV 2. Chlamydia 3. Herpes 4. GC 5. Hepatitis A 6. HIV 7. Syphilis
Chlamydia A bacterial infection Transmitted by oral and anal sex and other forms of sex. 80% of female have no symptoms 30% of males have no symptoms Symptoms can be painful urination, discharge, lower abd pain Testing can be done by urine test or vaginal swa
Herpes A virus Causes skin diseases, dermatological infections 1 million people get this per year. There is no cure once you have it 90% of people don’t know they have it Tip of iceburg - Only 10% have symptoms, 90% have no symptoms
Herpes 2 oral or genital Cold sores are herpes Can get blood test for Type 1 Most people don’t have the classic symptoms Stress, exposure to sunlight can exacerbate the symptoms medications for the symptoms – cream, pills
Transmission of herpes Easily transmitted, from sharing sodas for example spread even when there is no outbreak visible Cold sores may not be sexually transmitted Prevention through condoms, dental dam (saran wrap) Mostly inconvenience – no major health problems
warts Most people don’t get warts family of viruses (40-50 strains) not harmful, most will not know that they have it, our immune system will get rid of it common, most people will have it by they are age 50, some strains cause cervical cancer.
Created by: julshock