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Underground Wellness

Manifesto A public declaration of a plan that will affect the public.noun
cynic A person who thinks all actions are selfish and whose outlook is negative.noun
Cognitive Dissonance The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, esp. as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change
Deficit Occurs when there isn't a sufficient amount of money to cover all of the expenses and debts, or when you are not as good at something as you should be.noun
Convene Bring people together or to come together for a common purpose.verb
Renegade Disloyal or relates to leaving one group and joining another.adjective
Purview The range of control, concern or function.noun
Plateau High, flat ground or a situation were something has stalled that was progressing forward previously.verb
Consult To ask for or get information from someone, or to give such information.verb
Libido The emotional energy of biological desires, especially sexual desire.noun
Daunt To intimidate someone.verb
Broach To cautiously bring up a sensitive or controversial topic.verb
Conformist A person who uncritically or habitually conforms to the customs, rules, or styles of a group.
Prominent Something that is very noticeable or sticks out.adjective
Compelled Forced to do something, or that you forced someone to do something.verb
Catalogue A complete or extensive list
Compendium A short summary with all the necessary information.noun
Preeminent Someone who is distinguished in some way or who surpasses and exceeds the accomplishments of others.adjective
Self-proclaimed Described as or proclaimed to be such by oneself, without endorsement by others
Abundant Something that there is plenty of or that exists in great amounts.adjective
Secrecy A tendency to keep things secret; practice or habit of being secretive
Paradigm A widely accepted example, belief or concept.noun
Resistant Someone or something that fends off or works against.adjective
Contrary Someone or something that is opposite to something else or is unfavorable.adjective
Credible Someone or something that is believable or reliable.adjective
Alibi An excuse used by a person when they’re trying to avoid getting into trouble, so they say they were somewhere they weren’t.noun
Arithmetic Working with numbers by doing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.noun
Pangs A sudden sharp spasm of pain
Folklore Stories, customs and beliefs in a culture that are unwritten and passed down orally from generation to generation.nou
Validation to make binding under the law; give legal force to; declare legally valid to prove to be valid; confirm the validity of; verify
Blatant To be very forward, loud or conspicuous.adjective
Outcome The final result of something, or the way things end up.noun
Par The amount which is considered to be the standard or average.noun
Edict An order, declaration or command by someone in a position of power or authority.noun
Dogma Defined as principles or rules that cannot be questioned, or articles of faith in different religions.noun
Validity The quality of being correct or true.noun
Fallacy A deceptive or false notion.noun
Contribute To give something or to help make something happen.verb
Correspondent Something that is similar to another.adjective
Irrefutable Something that is impossible to prove wrong, or that cannot be denied.adjective
Anecdotal Something that is story-like or something that is based on stories and retellings, not based on provable facts.adjective
Iota Ninth letter in the Greek alphabet, or a tiny bit of something.noun An example of an iota is a crumb of a cookie.
Ponder To carefully think about something.verb
Coexistance intransitive verb to exist together, at the same time, or in the same place to live together without hostility or conflict despite differences
Epidemic An outbreak of disease that occurs on a ground scale or a community-wide level.noun
Errant Straying from the normal course or not following guidelines or standards.adjective
Ravenous Extremely hungry or famished.adjective
Compensation Something of value given in exchange for something else.noun
Pertains To relate or connect to something.verb
Compensator Any of various devices or circuits used to correct or offset some disturbing action, as speed deviations in a moving system or excessive current in a circuit
Thyroid Gland A large ductless gland in the neck that secretes hormones regulating growth and development through the rate of metabolism.
Leptin noun A peptide hormone neurotransmitter produced by fat cells and involved in the regulation of appetite.
Vast A large or immesnse space
Deceptive Something that is misleading or that is presenting a lie.adjective
Disclaimer A statement that something isn't true or that someone isn't responsible.noun
Vengeance Something done in revenge, such as a punishment issued.noun
Endocrine A gland that creates hormones or the hormones created by that gland.noun
Indolence noun Habitual laziness; sloth.
Predisposition A tendency, or something that is likely to happen.noun
Vain Someone or something without value, without force or who is conceited.adjective
Interdependency A situation where two or more people or things are dependent upon each other.noun
Exemplify The perfect example of something or to give an example to illustrate a point.verb
Furnace An enclosed chamber or structure in which heat is produced, as by burning fuel, for warming a building, reducing ores and metals, etc.
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