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Vitamin A Helps - protect your eyes and skin Where to find it: dark-green, red, and orange fruits and vegetables
The B Vitamins Helps - your body tap into the energy from food so you can play hard Where to find it: chicken, fish, and other protein foods; beans and peas, cereals, and some breads
Vitamin C Helps - your body heal cuts and scratches; keep your teeth and gums healthy Where to find it: fruits and some vegetables
Vitamin D Helps - helps the body have strong bones Where to find it: most milk has it added; some soy milks, breakfast cereals, and yogurt have it added
Potassium (Mineral) keeps your muscles and nervous system working right Where to find it: dairy foods such as milk, yogurt, and soy milk; fruits and vegetables
Calcium (Mineral) Helps - builds strong bones and teeth Where to find it: milk, yogurt, cheese, and calcium- fortified soy milk
Iron (Mineral) Helps - helps you have healthy blood Where to find it: protein foods; grains such as breads and cereals
Carbohydrates give you energy to run, jump, and even blink your eyes Where to find them: vegetables, fruits, milk and yogurt, and grains Found -
Fiber (a type of carbohydrate that the body cannot digest) helps move food through the digestive tract and helps you feel full Where to find it: fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
Protein used by the body to build muscle, skin, bone, and more; can also be used for energy Where to find it: protein foods (such as meat, chicken, fish , eggs, and beans) and milk
Water When you sweat, your body is using water to help you stay cool. Water also helps your body move nutrients to the places they need to go. Where to find it: Water is in most foods, especially fruits and vegetables
Fats help your body absorb, or take in, certain vitamins and have healthy skin; the body also uses fats for energy
Liquid Fats (Like Oils) provide us with good-for-you fats and some vitamins Where to find them: Heart-healthy oils are found in avocados, olives, nuts, seeds, and some fish
Solid Fats (Like Stick Margarine) solid, or hard, at room temperature; not good for our hearts Where to find them: some foods in the protein foods and the dairy group; also added to many foods during cooking
Created by: maryellson