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Nutrition Part II

Health Test 2 Nutrition Part 2

What is megadosing and how does it affect the body? Taking vitamins in excessive amounts. To date, there is no evidence doing this will improve your performance in sports. Taking specific vitamins in excess can be harmful to your health.
What are alternatives to typical breakfast foods? Canadian bacon instead of regular bacon or sausage, egg-white or egg-substitute, fresh fruit with cottage cheese or yogurt for added protein, oatmeal, bagel with low-fat jam or fruit spread
How do you develop healthful eating habits? You must understand why you eat. Plan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to satisfy hunger. You must recognize when you are eating for reasons other than hunger. Evaluate whether eating for reasons other than hunger benefits or harms your health.
What are excess carbohydrates, protein, and fats stored as in the body? Fats
What food group can you find nutrients in? Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fat, Vitamins, Minerals, Water
What is a food additive and what are some of the functions of food additives? Substances intentionally added to food. They may be to add nutrients, flavor, color or texture. They may prevent spoilage or halp foods age quickly. They also improve taste and appearance. They may be to enrich or fortify the food.
How are ingredients on nutrition labels listed? Ingredients are listed by weight, beginning with the ingredient that is present in the greatest amount. This listing is not a part of the nutrition facts, but is found elsewhere on the label.
What are the 6 nutrients? Proteins, Carbohydrates, Water, Fats, Minerals, and Vitamins.
What is the main function of the nutrient Protein? Needed for growth, and to build and repair body tissues. Needed to regulate body processes and to supply energy. Proteins form part of every cell in your body.
What is the main function of the nutrient Carbohydrate? The main source of energy for the body.
What is the main function of the nutrient Fat? Provides energy and helps the body store and use vitamins. One gram of fat supplies nine calories of energy. Fats supply more than twice the number of calories supplied by proteins and carbohydrates.
What is the main function of the nutrient Vitamins? Helps the body use carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It helps unleash energy stored in carbs, proteins and fats.
What is the main function of the nutrient Mineral? Regulates many chemical reactions in the body. Macro and trace are the two types of these. Small amounts of these are essential in metabolism and nutrition.
What is the main function of the nutrient Water? It is involved with all body processes. Makes up the basic part of the blood, helps with waste removal, regulates body temperature, and cushions the spinal cord and joints. Makes up more than 60% of body mass.
How can you get all the nutrients you need in your diet? Choose healthful foots rich in the 6 nutrients.
What are the five elements a food label is required by law to include? name of the food, net weight or volume, name and address of manufacturer, distributor or packager, ingredients, and nutrient content.
Why does the government require certain information be on food labels? The Food and Drug Administration requires certain information be on food labels for safety reasons and comparison reasons so consumers can make the choices that are right for them.
What is the likely cause that more children and teens are developing type 2 diabetes than ever before? Because more of the U.S. population is becoming overweight, a condition that increases a person's risk of developing diabetes.
What are the effects of a high sodium diet? May cause some people to retain body fluid and as a result have increase blood pressure.
What is insulin's function in the body and what organ produces it? It is a hormone that regulates the blood sugar level. The pancreas organ produces it.
What do Vegetarian diets provide and not provide for your body? diet low in fats, saturated fats, & cholesterol helps reduce blood cholesterol.less likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, breast & colon cancer. It is easier to maintain a healthy weight. May not get complete proteins, B vitamins, calcium for growth.
Created by: angelataylor