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LIGHT-Module 2


How is true medical missionary work related to the sancturary? True medical missionary work is of heavenly origin. (MM,p349)
How many sanctuaries or temples are referred to in the Bible? 9 (Nine)
What purpose of the sancturary is the most significant...? The Most Holy Place-The Ark-..the mercy seat, upon which the prescence of God was revealed, by virtue of the atonement, pardon was granted... (PP,p.349)
How does the daily ministry of the sanctuary influence...today?
How does living in the anti-typical Day of Atonement influence...beliefs and habits in life? Revelation 14:7, "For the hour of His judgement has come." is a certain truth upon which the Investigative Judgement we may know before the final purification of the universe, just as the ministration closed with the purification of the sanctuary. (PP358)
What are the anti-typical events of the feasts in Leviticus 23? Passover-Death:Cross Calvary Unleavened Bread-Resting: Christs Body Wave Sheaf - Resurrection: Christ & multitude Pentecost-Holy Spirit: Ascending Feast/Trumpets-Judgmnt hour: Announcement Day/Atonemnt-Judgmnt: Hr. Feast/Tabernac-2nd Coming: Advent
Created by: iiijohn2