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AoR II (2.2)

What is a goal? a general, long-term statement of desired program outcomes and provide the direction upon which all objectives are based
"Reduce the number of osteoporosis-related fractures among elderly men and women who live in the area serves by the health department" is an example of what? a goal
What is a mission statement? a statement that encompasses the distinctive purpose and unique "reason for being" of a program
"Reduce the number of obesity-related type 2 diabetes cases in Caucasian men" is an example of what? a goal
A well written objective includes what information? WHO will do HOW MUCH of WHAT by WHEN
What are objectives? statements that describe, in measurable terms, changes in health status, behavior, attitude, or knowledge that will occur in the intervention group as a result of the program
What are the 5 types of objectives? program/outline, behavioral, environmental, learning & administrative
What are program or outcome objectives? Represent the change in health status that is the desired result of the program or intervention. Include items such as changes in morbidity, mortality, or quality of life.
"Within 3 years, osteoporosis- related fractures will decrease by 25 percent in the residents of South County" is an example of what? program/outcome objective
"All pregnant women participating in the WIC Supplemental Food Program will eliminate alcohol from their diets after the first nutritional counseling appointment” is an example of what? behavioral objective
What are behavioral objectives? objective that describes the behaviors or actions that the population will engage in to resolve the problem and lead to attainment of the program goal
"Among those attending the program, weight-bearing activity will increase by 50% over the following six months" is an example of what? behavioral objective
What is a learning objective? short term, specific descriptions of behavioral (cognitive, affective, and skill dimensions) results sought in relation to the content being taught
"After the completion of the program, the participants will be able to state the importance of calorie control for weight loss" is an example of what? a learning objective
"Following the 1 week program, participants will be able to identify 3 relaxation techniques" is an example of what? a learning objective
What is an administrative objective? details the tasks program facilitators must accomplish for the program to succeed
"Prior to the start of the program, planners will contact ten OB/GYN physicians to gather support for the program" is an example of what? administrative objective
"By the first day of the program, all participants will have their own pair of walking shoes supplied by the planning committee" is an example of what? administrative objective
What is an environmental objective? refers to environmental, or nonbehavioral, influences on a health problem
"In the next 5 years, the number of non-smoking facilities in the community will increase by 20%" is an example of what? environmental objective
Created by: UVUChes