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Goals & Objectives

What assessment defines the quality of life of the priority population? social
What assessment identifies the health problems of the priority population? epidemiological
What assessment determines predisposing, enabling and reinforcing factors? educational and ecological
What are the 3 phases in the PRECEDE portion? Social assessment, epidemiological assessment and educational/ecological assessment
What assessment determines the resources available for the program? administrative and policy
What phase involves selecting strategies and beginning the program? implementation
What phase involves documenting the program feasibility? process evaluation
What phase invovles assessing the immediate effect of an intervention? impact evaluation
What phase involves determining whether long-term program goals were met? outcome evaluation
What does the M in MATCH stand for? multilevel
What is the first phase of MATCH? goal setting
What phase of MATCH involves selecting intervention approaches and intervention objectives? intervention planning
Which model recognizes that intervention planning should be aimed at multiple objectives and a variety of individuals? MATCH
Which program planning process is designed to influence the voluntary behavior of a specific audience to achieve a social, rather than financial, objective? Social Marketing
What is the marketing mix? price, place, promotion and product
Which model uses health communication to reach their audience? CDCynergy
In which phase of CDCynergy do you consider strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and ethics of health? analyze the program (phase 2)
Factors that make possible a change in behavior are known as what? enabling
What is the process of informing a priority population about a health issue? health communication
In which phase of CDCynergy do you draft a timetable, budget and plan for testing concepts and messages? develop intervention (phase 4)
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