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davison chapter 1

chapter 1 review

health The overall well-being of your body, mind, and your relationships with other people.
life expectancy The number of years a person can expect to live.
quality of life The degree of total satisfaction that a person gets from life.
goal A result that a person aims for and works hard to reach
physical health The aspect of health that refers to how well your body functions. When you are physically healthy you have enough energy to carry out everyday tasks.
mental health The state of being comfortable with yourself, with others, and with your surroundings.
emotional health The aspect of health that refers to how you react to events in your life. You are emotionally healthy when the feelings you experience are appropriate responses to events.
social health The aspect of health that refers to how well you get along with others.
continuum A gradual progression through many stages between one extreme and another.
wellness A state of high-level health.
heredity All the traits that are passed from parent to child; the biological process of passing on, or transmitting, those traits.
gender A term that refers to whether you are male or female. Gender is part of heredity.
environment All of the physical and social conditions that surround a person and can influence that person’s health.
culture Beliefs and patterns of behavior that are shared by a group of people and passed from generation to generation.
media Forms of communication that provide news and entertainment.
habit A behavior that is repeated so often that it becomes almost automatic.
risk factor Any action or condition that increases the likelihood of injury, disease, or other negative outcome.
prevention Taking action to avoid disease, injury, and other negative health outcomes.
values The standards and beliefs that are most important to you.
action plan A series of specific steps you can take to achieve a goal.
advocacy The use of communication to influence and support others in making positive health decisions.
health literacy The ability to gather, understand, and use health information to improve one’s health.
consumer Someone who buys products or services for personal use.
warranty An offer to repair or replace a product if there is a problem with the product.
advertising The public promotion of a product or service.
fraud An illegal act that involves telling lies to obtain money or property.
quackery The selling of useless medical treatments or products.
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