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Chapter 2health


wellness behaviors and habits that have a positive influence on Health.
Surgeon General Highest ranking medical officer in the U.S.
public health federal, state,local gov't woking together to promote health and prevent disease for the community as a whole
Ecosystems collection of living things that share a specific environment
infectious diseases disease caused by organisms that can spread through water,food,air or human contact
diabetes disease in which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, which is needed to properly use sugar for energy
osteoperosis condition in which the bones lose their desity and strength
spiritual health condition in which a person is the healthiest he can possibly be
homeostasis state of balanc in which all the body's systems work together despite the conditions
chronic disease a disease that lasts for a long time with little change
life expectancy a measure of how long a person has to live based on data related to the current casuses of death
longevity length of a persons life
metabolic rate rate at which your body usesfood and oxygen to carry out various body processes
genes small units of hereditary material found inside the nucleus of a cell
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