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History of Medecine

trepanning oldest form of surgery .. drilling, grinding, scraping a hole in the skull
mesopotamia ancient tablets in cuneiform
hammurabi code of hammurabi- fee schedule for surgery.listed patients rights
africa and egypt mummification- human anatomy embalming, faith healing, surger, and autopsy
indus valley ayurvedic medicine- surgery, pedriatics, toxicologhy, eyes ears, throat, internal medecine. blah
hoppocrates founder of medecine. seperation of medicine from religion.
galen dissections apes and other animals - human anatomy
asclepius god of med.. rod of asclepius
susrata father of indian surgery - first plastic surgery
rhazes physician and alchemist .. alcohol in med
abu al qasim father of surgery
ibn sina persian physician- ubooks used as medical txt in europe
roger frugard surgeon who wrote first dominant txt on surgical procedures
theodoric de luccca cleanliness during sugical process - use of opium as an anesthetic
ibn al nafis described the pulmonary circulation of blood
paracelsus used chemicals and minerals in med. father of txicology.. heal wound naturally
ambroise pare father of modern surgery. speacialist of treating wounds .. ligature (tying off arteries)
andreas vesalius founder of modern human anatomy. book with human dissections
william harvey described blood circulation
thomas sydenham descrip. of numerous diseases ..
anthony van leeuwenhoek father of microbiology - improved microscope and 1st to c microorganisms
john hunter surgeon- teeth, inflammation, treatment for gunshot wounds
john morgan founded 1st medical school
benjamin rush mental illness could b cured w/ proper treatment. the concept of addiction
philipppe pinel humane treatment for the mentally ill
edward jenner material from cowpox virus could b used for smallpox vaccination
james marion sims father of american gynecology
ignaz semmelweis doctors wash their hands to reduce incidence of postpartum infections in mothers giving birth
hermann von helmholtz theories on vision and visual perception .. invented ophthalmoscope
rudolf virchow father of pathology- every cell originates from an existing cell
elizabeth blackwell firts female to get a medical degree
clara barton civil war nurse- founder of american red cross
joseph lister sterility ..using carbloic acid
paul ehrlich creating first antibiotic-- magic bullets
santiago ramon y cajal founder of neuroscience .. reserach on nervous system
walter reed opened field of epidemiology and biomedecine by isolating cause of yellow fever in cuba
harvey cushing brain surgery. survival rate for brain surgery - diagnosing brain tumors with x rays- discovery of cushings disease
walter b cannon physiologist. using salts to improve x ray images. concept of homeostasis
in donald use of ultrasound.
christiaan barnard first successful human heart transplant
helen brooke taussig founder of pediatric cardiology.. discovery of the casue for blue ababy syndrome
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