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Job Development

job development and placement services

what is employer development a job placement technique in which a counselor attempts to create a position for a particular client when a position is not available.
3 main types of job skills data, interpersonal, mechanical
3 main disability models biomedical, economic, sociopilitcal
biomedical model (person model) a person has a functional limitation if the person has a medical condition that impairs their abiityto accomplish tasks
economic model a person has a functional limitation if the person is unable to work as effectively as other people
sociopolitical model a person has a functional limitation if society recognized that the person is unable to function as well as others in that environment
functional limitations prevents a person from performing required tasks as effectively as another person
disability a type of functional limitation that prevents a person from performing certain tasks
handicap a functional limitation in which a person is unable to perform necessary tasks because of environmental obstacles
impairment a functional limitation in which a person is unable to perform necessary tasks because of a medical condition.
independent living paradigm a rehabilitation model based on the idea that a RC is expected to reduce the effect that the environment has on the person due to their functional limitations.
functional assessment inventory (FAI) test functional limitation and their effects on occupational perfomance. 42 questions based on behavior and the ability to perfomr a task. It is used to determine if a person has a functional limitation or not.
employment inventory (EI) a test used to determing whether a person will be an effective employee and to determine the specific areas they need to improve. Assess attitude, dependability, level of motivation, problem solving,
OOH Occupational Outlook Handbook-used by high schools as an aid for career counseling.
DOT Directory of Occupational Titles-published by the Dept. Of labor. 28,000 jobs. describes requirements, training, and # of people employed.
SOC Standard Occupational Classification- manual that codes job clusters, and can help someone with experience transition to another area easily
main factors of labor market survey size of current labor force, unemployment rate for the area, total labor force available to employers, occupation mix.
employment rate estimated percentage of people who are eligible to work in a particular area but are not currently working
total labor force available estimated number of people an employer could use to hire if they were looking to hire
occupation mix set of occupations are currently located in the area and how those occupations are expected to change over time
competitive employment setting a work environment in which a disable person recieves the benefits and pay that a person would typically receive for the type of work being performed
integrated employment setting a work environment in which a disabled person is required to regualarly work with people who are not part of their support team and are not disabled.
4 main agencies that offer employment support services federal, state, non profit private and for profit private.
functional job matching strategy focuses on the functional limitations rather than the skills of a client. Job is matched based on physical or mental capability.
skills based job matching stragey focuses on the strengths and skills rather than the functional limitations of a client. Allows a counselor to match a client to a job based on experience and education.
federal agencies Dep. of labor / social security administration. offers a series of programs to help disabled people or people who are recieving another type of federal aid to continue their job search, receive training, financial aidr try out types of employment
state agencies offers the same as federal agencies plus offer support services, American Disabilites Association Compliance Office, transition center to help people deal with disabilities and low income.
non profit private agency deal with a specific disability , young people and/or employment. GoodWill
for profit private agency employment placement services, certain transprotation companies may offer discount on certain services
benefits of job matching system eaiser process, easier transfereable skills analysis, throrough list of job openings for the client
disadvantages of job matching system incapable of considering every relevant factor, oes not have access to all of the resources of a counselor, too thorough
steps of a job matching process Interview, test or conduct assessment. Use publications to identify specific occupations. Use sources to identify local employers who are hiring. Contact employer about hiring. Identify job openings.
job opeings and labor turnover survey (JOLTS) labor market assessment which attempts to identify the number of jobs that are available in each occupation or expected to be available
Plan to Achieve Self Support (PASS) employment support service by the SSA that helps people save money for education, training to help with future goals. Allows people who recieve SS benefits to deduct money to save
Ticket To Work Program employment support service offered by the SSA to help people receive employment services from other agencies for free in order to achieve a career goal.
supported employment setting work environment in which a disabled person is only required to perform the tasks that he or she are capable of performing until the person can perform all of the tasks.
extended support employment setting a work environment in which a disabled person is only required to perform some of the tasks because they are incapable of performing all of the tasks.
2 categorie of US labor market blue collar or secondary sector jobs, white collar or primary sector jobs
4 situations for supported employment setting never been able to work in competitive employment, trouble since becoming disabled and incapable of performing taksks associated with the position,transitional employment needed because of mental disability
requirements for extended support setting must have severe disability that restricts function in 2 different ways, must require significant assistance from 2 different employment support services, must be incapable of competitive work environment, classified as significant disability
basic actions of crc according to CRCC conduct assessments , counsel clients about potential occupations, design treatment plans, case management, evaluate programs, perform job analyses, labor market surveyswork to elimanate or reduce effects of disabilities
steps of labor market survey identify specific industries the client may be able to use thier skills. identify local employers who are hiring, contact comployers about positions, cheall all infor gathered against other sources, compile report
sources for labor market survey employers, internet, occupational publications
expected trends in U.S. labor market increase service jobs and a need for formal education, decrease manufacturing jobs
support services before a person is employed access to assessments, financial support and job preparation services.
support services after a person is employed childcare services, financial support services, job coaching, retention, travel
benefits an amployer receives from the employer development process access to skills the employer may need in future, access to labor with a lower recruiting cost
3 physical factors that may affect job selection lifiting restrictions, visual difficulties, severe allergies
3 types of agencies used to find occupational information federal, state, private agencies
process a counselor goes through to develop a position for a client identify and contact an employer, describe clients skills in detail, schedule an interview
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